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 Enilyn - Mon Sep 9 22:12:38 2019
Hi, I would like to reserve for two people and I would like the 3;30 sail fro October 5, Saturday. I tried to call the phone number sated on the website butseems no one is answering the phone but here's my phone number 808-679-8234.

Thank you.

 Kelly McCoy - Fri Jul 19 3:53:27 2019
We love this cat. Always go out on it a few times every time we are here in Hawaii. I want to make a reservation for next Friday, July 26, 2019, for the sunset cruise. Two people.
Thank you.

 Teresa meadows - Sat Mar 3 0:01:08 2018
I’d like to request two spots for the sunset cruise tonight. I’ve been calling the number listed but haven’t gotten an answer. Thank you!!

 DJ - Thu Jan 11 22:18:52 2018
I have been going to Waikiki since 2000 - I always do at least 2 trips. BEST part of my trips.

 Malia - Wed Sep 28 21:11:48 2016
What is the price for the cruise? Mahalo.

 Carl - Tue Dec 2 22:49:09 2014

I went on a booze cruise last Wednesday November, 26th 2014 with my girlfriend, but did not get our picture. I was wondering if you guys save the old pictures or if there is any way I can still buy a picture at this time a week later (might even need two)!? Contact me at


 Heeju Kang - Wed Mar 26 15:12:43 2014
hello~ My husband and my two years old son and I are going to visit oahu next Saturday. We want a sunset cruise on April 9. how can i make a reservation? Please contact me :

 St. Louis Steve - Wed Mar 12 19:53:19 2014
Brewsta....the St. Louis couple, Steve & Crystal. Heading that way Friday. You still there?

 Teigan Kelly - Mon Feb 17 7:43:33 2014
We had an amazing time on the boat a few days ago. I was wondering if I can have the young photographers number. His name was Nate? Great photography.

 gini - Wed Nov 6 0:10:45 2013
hi my fiance and i are going to visit oahu next week as our honeymoon:) how can i make a reservation ? we want a sunset cruise on thursday :) please contact me :

 Debi - Mon Apr 8 3:30:53 2013
We will be coming to Waikiki mid-May. Looking forward to our first cruise on the Na Hoku II...gonna make it a Sunset cruise with my honey :-)

 Rex - Sun Apr 7 23:50:57 2013
Be back on Saturday sunset sail, Bruce broke it in in Feb and March, I will try and keep the tradition alive. Keep the beer cold. Aloha to all who ride the Big Yellow Boat.

 Andy - Wed Feb 13 4:46:56 2013
Looking forward to coming aboard sometime during our visit March 6 -13. Looks like a blast! Mahalo until then.

 Rex - Sat Feb 9 1:39:41 2013
If I can get by the code words this time mabey you will get this. We won't get to the boat until the 13th of April. It will be up to You and Barb to keep the beer rotated and the crew in order. Yea right. You have to have it down to the hour for when you get there don't you? Drink one for me and I'll do the same for you two.

 Brewster - Thu Jan 31 15:34:35 2013
Hey Rex you going this year? Have any dates?

 Aloha - Sun Jan 13 23:45:02 2013
you cut me off again huh?

 Haley - Sun Jan 13 3:19:38 2013
I sent you an email, but didn't get a response. Just need to know if I can make a reservation or if we just show up?

 Aloha - Tue Jan 8 22:33:50 2013
Haley...............49 guests with a crew of 3

 Haley - Mon Jan 7 7:37:14 2013
I would like to see about doing a day cruise on Jan 19th. It'll be for my birthday, and I have a few friends coming too! What is the max amount of people on the boat? Thanks!

 Santa - Fri Dec 21 1:53:56 2012
Aloha to All and to All a Big Mahalo!!!!

 Coco - Tue Oct 16 0:21:49 2012
Miss you guys. Hope to see you all soon. :-)

 Marie - Tue Aug 28 17:30:49 2012
We are so excited to come to Oahu and ride the Nahoku. My daughter has never been to Hawaii, so this will be an awesome experience for her. We want to ride the sunset cruise on Wednesday, August 5 or Thursday August 6. How do we make a reservation? Can't wait!

 Marie - Tue Aug 28 17:27:22 2012
We are so excited to come to Oahu and ride the Nahoku. My daugher has never been to Hawaii, so this will be an awesome experience for her. We want to ride the sunset cruise on Wednesday, August 5 or Thursday August 6. How do we make a reservation? Can't wait!

 Brewster - Mon Aug 20 0:41:12 2012
Hey Rex........How goes it?

 Mike - Thu Aug 9 20:59:22 2012
Howzit. I sent an email to Scott but never heard from him. Can I reserve 4 for the sunset cruise on Sun Aug 19th. Thanks. Mike

 Klein Bruce - Sun Jul 22 16:51:24 2012
We can't wait! We want to see you Thursday or Friday July 26 or 27 for sunset cruise. Klein's are back in Paradise. 48zero74eight3732.

 Dacia - Fri Jul 13 16:08:59 2012
I miss this boat and all the years of great times I had on it!!!! I lived in Waikiki from 1983 to 1989. My favorite were the Sunset Sails! Sometimes I would swim out to the boat if I was late, and someone would pull me aboard and hand me a cold one,,,,oh those were the days my friend!!!!!!! Aloha, I will never forget, best times of my life on that boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

 Carol - Tue May 22 3:03:20 2012
Hoping the boat will be there May 24 thru June 3, we'll be there then and hope to see you all for a few rides. Have been going on it since 1998!! Hope it won't be up for yearly maintenance.

 Serena - Fri May 11 7:50:17 2012
Aloha! Me and hubby had a GREAT time (body shots anyone?) 5/4/12! Love the Captain & crew! Hey we lost our camera that night. Small silver (Fuji Film I think) camera. The screen slides down. It's not worth much but the pictures are valuable to us! If found (have fun looking at the pictures) shoot me an e-mail:! Mahalo for a GREAT time!

 Brewster - Wed Apr 11 12:43:54 2012
Rex I forgot to include Kurt who is also crewing on both boats.

 Brewster - Wed Apr 11 12:36:57 2012
That should say but very nice..........sorry

 Brewster - Wed Apr 11 12:35:08 2012
Thanks Rex.....Have a great time. A couple of new Captains, by very nice. Shugo, KaiNoa, Travis, Nobuko are still crewing along with Flynn and Chase. Rabbitt still main Captain on Manu Kai. Let me know how your trip goes.....

 Rex/Ohio - Wed Apr 11 0:52:37 2012
Brewster; I finally get my turn this weekend. Should be on the boat starting on the Sunset Cruise Saturday. You drank a few beers for me in Feb and March, and I shall repay the favor. Aloha to all and put the beer on ice

 Michelle Qassem - Wed Apr 4 17:11:03 2012
Hey! I'm trying to make reservations for 2 for tomorrow! Please let me know how I can do that- (818) 642-5384. Thanks!

 Teri Rae - Mon Apr 2 23:41:33 2012
Flying in from Tulalip,Washington tommorow. We will be coming down for another outrageous cruise; hope to see you there. :)

 Debbie - Thu Mar 8 1:54:11 2012
Any room tonight for 6? March 7th. 319-551-3613

 Alex - Thu Feb 23 23:18:42 2012
Aloha capt and the boys..

I loved the booze cruise back in 08 when I was in Waikiki last.. looking forward to another cruise when I'm there in a month with my wife for my honeymoon!

Alex from Sydney OZ

 Brewster - Tue Feb 21 22:30:33 2012
Be invading the island on Thurs...........See yah all soon on the Big Yellow Boat(s)!!! ALOHA!

 Brewster - Sun Feb 5 3:13:59 2012
Aloha Rex...........You know I will Buddy. I will probably drink more for you in Mar. than in Feb. Keep in touch. Will keep you updated on any changes I find while I'm there.

 Rex - Thu Feb 2 14:41:57 2012
Aloha Brewster and all who ride the Big Yellow Boat. Hope they don't kick me out of the March "Gang" just yet. Coming in April is better than not at all. Any month is a good month on The Boat. Drink some beer for me in Feb Brewster and I will do the same for you in April.

 Brewster - Wed Jan 18 21:17:13 2012
PATTY, Hi surf and rain and bad weather. Hopefully back tomorrow.

 patty - Wed Jan 18 20:19:10 2012
Where is the boat this week??

 Brewster - Tue Jan 17 0:48:41 2012
Sorry to hear Rex won't make it again until mid April. The "March" gang has missed him now for the past 3 years. Aloha and we will try again next year.

 Jim and Kelly - Sat Jan 7 2:40:14 2012
We had a great time on the Christmas Day Sunset Cruise! Hot men on your crew and plenty to drink with a great view! Sent you pictures if you want to put them up!

 Santa Claus - Wed Dec 21 1:45:13 2011
Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Safe New Year......................Aloha to all and to all a good night.....................HO, HO, HO ,HO

 Brewster - Wed Dec 7 16:06:14 2011
Hope you all take a moment of silence sometime today to remember those that we lost on Pearl Harbor Day, 70 years ago.

 Cody auger - Sun Dec 4 22:39:59 2011
I want to reserve 5 spots for the sunset sail tonight december 4th. Number is 3215068187

 Surfer girl - Sun Nov 27 6:54:06 2011
What a blast the sunset sail was we had recently and even though we got a little wet from the rain it made it all the more fun. Amazing crew and must do while in waikiki. PS who was the mighty fine photographer

 Brewster - Thu Nov 24 19:08:10 2011
Happy Thanksgiving to all the boats Ohana and to all our friends on the island and elsewhere.

 Brian - Sun Nov 13 21:58:52 2011
Very excited to come for another voyage this Thanksgiving. I probably went about 10 times in my year I lived on Oahu. Glad to see some of the crew is still the same!

 Chloe - Thu Nov 10 0:33:50 2011
Aloha, We were looking to do the cruise this friday 11/11/11 if you had openings for about 6 people. Please get back to me on your Kama'aina rates if you have any. Thank You!

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Nov 2 18:41:13 2011
Aloha Joyce! Hey, plz email me thru the contacts link. We should chat. Mahalo!

 Joyce Weisinger - Tue Nov 1 21:50:36 2011
I hear the big yellow boat is back. YAH-HOO!!!Will it be on the beach on Friday the 4th of Nov.? If it is save me a spot on the 1st cruise of the day.(What time is the 1st cruise of the day?)A special Howdy to Capt.Crash. See Ya'll Joyce

 Brewster - Sat Oct 29 21:07:36 2011
Hey Sal Aloha, I am going as a life preserver and Barb is going as a sailboat........Hi to Yvonne...........and quit swearing on here!!! SNOW is a very bad word!!!!

 Sal in Vegas - Sat Oct 29 16:45:38 2011
Hey Brewster, Happy Halloween!! What is your costume going to be?? Hope all is well, get ready for the snow and cold. Feb. is coming eventually. Hi to Barb.

 Brewster - Wed Oct 26 20:10:45 2011
Hello again everybody.........The guest book has been fixed, so lets start writing some nice positive comments!!!
Have a fun and safe Halloween..................

 Gord - Fri Oct 7 17:34:44 2011
The New Samson Family reunion takes place this weekend Friday at 9:07 until Sunday at 10:30 pm. Say hi to the whole new family on the boats and at Dukes.

 Brewster - Thu Oct 6 18:14:27 2011
Thanks for getting the web cam up and running again! When are the Changes to the site taking place?

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Oct 4 16:33:42 2011
I'm making some changes...time to clear out the guestbook and start from scratch. It's been 6 years.

 Hello - Mon Oct 3 21:05:23 2011
This is October............Doesn't anyone leave messages on here anymore?

 Sal in Vegas - Thu May 19 07:53:55 2011
Coming down for Memorial Day weekend !!!!! Can't wait to sail !! Is Baby Titus working the boat yet ??? Hope to see everyone !!!!

 Adam Guillory - Wed Apr 27 16:54:25 2011
I would like to reserve 9 spots for Saturday on the 1:30 pm launch my phone is 808-348-2918 thanks

 Brewster - Wed Apr 20 21:56:43 2011
Hey Rex, did you ever make it over there this year? We had the best time and best weather in Feb-Mar-Apr. Hope the same for you. Aloha to our Ohana on both boats. Miss everyone. Shugo don't forget to contact us when you become a Daddy!!!! Mahalo to all. Take care and Keep in Touch.

 Steve - Sun Mar 13 16:06:30 2011
Can't wait to get back to Waikiki in two weeks. Will have my son with me. He's now twelve and has no remembrance of the picture of him on the Na Hoku II when he was four. We're both exited with anticipation. See you soon!

 Good post - Fri Mar 4 19:36:52 2011
Good post, but it seems no longer relevant

 Brewster - Sat Feb 26 12:08:29 2011
Thankx Rex!!! Will miss hoisting those 12 oz. weights with you. Heading over this Monday and the rest of the family arrives Friday.

 Rex - Sat Feb 26 07:10:33 2011
Glad to see the Big Yellow Boat is back. Brewster, try to keep it afloat while you're there. Best way to do that is to keep drinking the beer to lighten the load. Wish that I could be there in March, but I will have to make do with April. Aloha to all.

 Brewster - Tue Feb 15 20:46:37 2011
"DA BIG YELLOW BOAT" is back!!! Aloha & Mahalo

 Carlee - Thu Feb 10 00:45:39 2011
Aloha! Can someone please email me, I don't have an email connected to my computer and therefore cannot email you direct from your link. Mahalo.

 Brewster - Mon Feb 7 17:26:09 2011
NaHoku is suppose to be back soon!!

 Clare - Fri Feb 4 10:29:09 2011
What's happening with Da Big Yella Boat???? It's now Feb and still nothing.....

 Stacy McPint - Sat Jan 29 09:38:03 2011
Hey ya'll... I miss you guys! Captain Krash, Bear, Miles, you guys made Hawaii so memorable. I'll see you guys at the end of the year! :) Cheers!

 Sal in Vegas - Mon Jan 24 08:44:05 2011
Stopping by on March 3 to go sailing with Brewster and all of the guys! J.J. may want to order extra beer! Can't wait for the first sails of the year!

 Kurk Knutson - Fri Jan 14 01:49:09 2011
Sailing Sailing I'll be sailing soon . YA HU I'll be back. See you all soon . Aloha

 Brewster - Mon Jan 10 10:27:24 2011
Rex sorry to hear we will miss each other again. It's been a couple years now. Will see to it they have enough beer for you. Keep in touch and say hi to Norma....Aloha :-)

 Rex - Sat Jan 8 15:29:12 2011
Brewster; I can't get there till April 10th, you are going to have to keep the beer rotated so that it is not stale when I finally make it. Reorganization at work dictates vacation schedule. Better late than never. Aloha to all who ride her and can't wait.

 Aloha Sue - Sun Jan 2 21:38:11 2011
Just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and let you know that I miss you! Much Aloha to John, Krash, Shugo and all the new kids on the boat! Aloha from Tennessee!

 Kalani - Kaimuki - Thu Dec 30 13:32:09 2010
Shootz! Went sailing yesterday with Kyle, Mike and Aaron!!! Saw was awesome! I LOVE you guys!!! (Love the new blue shirts too!!)

 Brewster - Sat Dec 25 15:41:17 2010
Merry Christmas to all on the NaHoku & Manu Kai!!! Happy Birthday Scottie!!!!! See yah all in 62 days.Aloha

 MATTY - Fri Dec 24 14:06:50 2010
I was on the cruise on Dec 1st 2010 at the 1:30 time. Had the time of my life. It was so much fun I went Dec 2nd and 3rd both at 1:30. Last time I was in Hawaii it was 1972 I was 8. Trust me when I say I will at least go back to Hawaii once a year just to go back on the cruise. C U SOON..

 Teri - Thu Dec 23 20:18:15 2010
FOUND a new cruz have a very merry christmas aloha

 Teri - Thu Dec 23 00:18:45 2010
Shugo where are you???

 Teri - Thu Dec 23 00:18:44 2010
Shugo where are you???

 Mary Ann - Pittsburgh - Tue Dec 21 21:42:31 2010
Hey Scottie!!! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!! I need to see some new pictures. It has been 4 years since I have been down and I rely on these pictures to keep my memory fresh. Hope all is well. Tell Capt. John John and Fariyl I said hello. Take Care.... Mary Ann p.s. Miss you guys!!! :)

 Clare - Mon Dec 20 13:19:00 2010
I thought Wheaties was the breakfast of champions.....But I guess it's 'Kaptain Krunch'!!!!! Scott I was wondering why you were laughing so loud. I could here you in Toronto and then I read the comment, it's hilarious!!! Did you tell Crash? I guess that's what a few Mai Tais will do to you....I'm back on the 24th, just in time for your B'day!!! xx

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Dec 19 12:45:22 2010
"Kaptain Krunch".....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

 Teri - Sat Dec 18 21:07:42 2010
Hey good to hear from you? We were looking for your boat. We brought some smoked salmon to share with you, if the family don't get to it first. There is around 20 family members that made it over this time. Hope we will be able to see ya all before we head home on Xmas eve.

 Brewster - Fri Dec 17 11:00:43 2010
Hey Teri, It's Captain Krash.................

 Teri Tulalip Native - Wed Dec 15 06:35:26 2010
Aloha, over the last several years I have enjoyed sailing away on the Na Hoku II with Kaptain Krunch at the wheel; and the Hot Shugo taking care of our needs. I didn't realize till lately that I was taking pictures of Shugo for years. We have enjoyed dancing and of course the mai tais. We have just arrived in Waikiki and I look forward to cruising with you very soon. Thank you all for making eacb cruise a special memory. Teri from Tulalip

 Kurk Knutson - Tue Nov 16 19:43:36 2010
Aloha to you all, sail on man sail on . hope all is GOOD . Mister Webmaster how about some new pictures. Hi Scott, Hope you are doing good too. Keep sand between your toes and wind in your hair.

 Brewster - Sat Nov 13 17:09:51 2010
Yeah!!!!! They fixed the Live Cam. Thanks Scott.

 Brewster - Thu Nov 4 20:55:09 2010
Hey Scotty, can you look into the web cam being messed up? Can't see a thing....Thanks!!

 Kristin - Sun Oct 31 23:26:19 2010
Best time ever! Ty Shugo and captain Krash.

 Webmaster - Scott - Thu Oct 28 11:34:03 2010
For anyone that knows "Chicken Bob", a longtime regular at the beach and Dukes, ya' gotta watch "Food Fueds" with Michael Symon on 11/4 on the Food Network. Bob became famous in the Barberton, Ohio area for his chicken, and one of his resturaunts that his son now runs is going to compete against another local place. Good Luck guys!!!

 Brewster - Tue Oct 26 21:24:50 2010
Hey Rex if it helps you to decide ur dates, we will be there Feb 28 to Apr 3.........Can't wait, Aloha

 Rex - Sun Oct 24 19:00:22 2010
Aloha Brewster; Just got back from Florida for Biketoberfest, things are going pretty good, sure missed you all when we couldn't get to the boat until April last year. Hope that we can get there in March again this year, but it just depends on how work goes. Anytime that you are on the boat is a good time, but I sure miss you guys, Rex & Norma

 Brewster - Mon Oct 18 19:03:15 2010
Hello to all my Ohana's of the boat(s). It's been a while and I hope all is good with you. Summer went fast in Chicago, but at least it was hot this year. Had a very busy season at "Da Beach". So now it's time to think about coming to Hawaii and having fun with you guys and Nabuko too. Take care and talk to you all soon. Hey Rex...........You have been quiet lately, everything ok? Can't wait to suc em up with you and the rest of the Feb-Mar gang. Aloha & Mahalo and see everyone in a few months!!!!!

 Rob Lester - Mon Oct 4 19:32:03 2010
We recently partied on the Na HoKu II and had a great time. How can we get a copy of the "Booty" song?

 Edgar - Wed Sep 29 04:55:45 2010
You guys are absolutely the best! Everytime we visit Oahu, we make sure to go on your boat. We had a great time and got on the boat two days in a row! Great seeing turtles and the crew is so friendly that they make you feel like family! I can't wait for next time.

 anny et francine BELGIUM - Fri Sep 24 14:05:26 2010
nous revenons à Waikiki le 2 decembre for 3 mois a bientôt john john,shugo et cie attendons impatiement de revenir sur votre bateau !!! a bientôt

 Christopher and Sandy - Mon Sep 6 17:09:45 2010
We just returned from an 8 day stay on the island of Oahu. On 2 September 2010 we took the sunset cruise and really enjoyed ourselves. The 90 minute ride, drinks, and being able to watch the sunset from the waters near Waikiki Beach and Diamondhead was great. Bear and Shugo made the experience even more fun with their humor. We highly recommend that you take a cruise with this group if you are in Waikiki. Sincerely, Christopher & Sandy of Maryland

 Gord - Mon Aug 23 22:36:52 2010
The Nahoku II has been in drydock for a long time. It is being upgraded and lately has been out for a few long sails testing it out. Hopefully will be back soon. Keep the faith.

 Joyce Weisinger - Sun Aug 22 22:56:44 2010
All right already. Where's da Big Yellow and RED boat? Bobby and I have been to the beach a few times and no BIG BOAT! Just a small yellow and blue boat with no roof to sit on. What's with that? We miss da boat.

 Helen - Sat Aug 21 02:09:04 2010
My husband and I are in town and would like to do the sunset cruise, but I don't have an outlook express account and we can't find a phone number to call for!!! Please send info to Thanks!

 PGBlizzard - Fri Jul 23 10:10:37 2010
Hiya guys, been on the boat many times and always love looking at the new pictures. When are the new ones coming out?

 Shawnie & Justin - Tue Jul 20 13:53:45 2010
I was in Hawaii 10 years ago and met the love of my life there. We went on the catamaran many times. He was stationed at Schoffield barracks, and so each time I came back to visit we would "Repeat". We talked about getting married on the boat but sadly ended our relationship because of distance; but 10 years later we have found each other again and have decided if things work out this time around we will be back to start our relationship over again with a cruise from Kaptain Crash. It was the most amazing time in our relationship and it's a piece of history we will never forget. Thanks for giving us an amazing memory and being a big part of our lives.

 Brewster - Sun Jul 18 22:17:10 2010
I've heard from him..................why?

 Bacco de Espana - Sun Jul 18 00:17:21 2010
Has anyone seen or heard from the Webmaster?

 Kalani - Kaimuki - Fri Jul 9 19:17:48 2010
Shootz! Miss you guyz a ton! Rode the other boat, it was ok 'kine, but not the same. HURRY BACK!!

 Tameka - Sun Jun 6 01:46:52 2010
Aloha, Two of my girlfriends and I were in Hawaii from May 26th - June 3rd. We did the booze cruise on our second to last day and I'm sad that we waited till then to do it only because we didn't have a chance to do it again. We really wanted to do the sunset cruise but it was all booked so we took the 11:30am sail which was awesome. I love the staff! Everyone was friendly and eager to please. One was even celebrating his bday that day. Bear is a very funny guy and I wouldn't have mind taking Kyle back to the mainland with me :) All in all great experience and I can't wait to return to Hawai'i. Mahalo!

 Jim K - Sun May 30 20:59:53 2010
I first sailed with John John on the original Na Hoku back in 1977 when my parents brought me to Hawaii when I was 12. Back then, his was the only boat on the beach if I recall. It took me 28 years to get back before I was able to sail with him again on the Na Hoku II. I've been back a few times in the last few years and never miss a chance to sail again. My last trip was with my own son - we layed in the net, getting soaked, and he yelled out, "Dad, this is the most AWESOME day of my life!" I'll be back again in a few weeks and can't wait for another great sail.

 Jessica BC, Canada - Fri May 28 10:34:11 2010
Sorry I meant "Shugo" not "Shago" Thanks for everything!!

 Jessica & Parveen from BC Canada - Fri May 28 09:11:14 2010
We were in Waikiki for a Bachelorette Party last weekend (May 21-24). We had an amazing time! The highlight of the trip was definitely the Na Hoku. Last Friday was our first time on it and we loved it so much that we went on it again on Sunday...that¡¦s twice in 4 days. The crew was awesome...we especially want to thank Shago - he was really nice and he made sure we were taken care of! We all are aching to come back.... Parveen is coming back in August with her hubby so she will definitely come by. I'm also planning to come back this September with my hubby - can't wait to be back on the Na Hoku. Thanks for such an awesome time! We are all big fans of the Na Hoku and crew. September just can¡¦t come soon enough ƒ¼........We got some really nice pictures which I will email during the weekend.

 Kasie - Thu May 27 23:20:58 2010
Saturday will be my 4th visit on the Nahoku and I absolutely love the crew. Tried another catamaran once, but nothing compares to the Nahoku!!!

 Carol & Ray (Florida) - Thu May 27 21:39:46 2010
We were there May 13 for 11 days and 4 of those days were spent on the Na Hoku II. It was the best part of our vacation. It's such a fun boat and super great crew, especially Capt. Krash and Moki. The drinks kept flowing, turtles were seen, sometimes huge waves and we would all get drenched, also great music - lot of dancing, 90 minutes long, wish we could have stayed out all day! This is our 4th trip to Hawaii since 1998 and every time we come, we go out at least 3 times and it's still as much fun as it was in 1998! ALOHA!!!!

 Gordon - Fariyal's Husband - Sun May 23 23:44:08 2010
Thanks for the boys for helping Erik celebrate his 19th birthday. He plans to attend Kapiolani Community College for the next two years. I don't imagine I will be coming to Honolulu in the near future, so am depending on our Honolulu friends to look after him and of course take care of Fariyal and Kryssy when they are in town. Thanks for all the hospitality in the past, good luck to all. Gord Samson

 Brewster - Fri May 7 15:35:31 2010
John-John's great great grandson, Ethan, is having his 1st birthday today. He wishes G.G. Grandpa could be there with him, but knows he's busy. Aloha Gramps miss and love you, Ethan............................

 Ashleigh Crites - Tue May 4 11:58:19 2010
I took my second trip on the Na Hoku II last Friday 4/30/10 and it was a great ride! It was windy so it made the trip more fun!! Everyone should experience the Na Hoku, sit back soak up the sun and the alcohol!! ;) Aloooooooohaa!!

 Bev and Marion - Sun May 2 13:56:25 2010
Hello John John things look pretty inviting we love the pics of us on the boat we think that it must help with the sales... All our love.. <(((<

 Clare - Tue Apr 20 09:52:18 2010
Aloha & Mahalo Scotty!! Hope you picked up the envelope I left with Shugo. The trip was too short but oh so sweet!!!!!! Lots of love and Aloooohaaaaaaa!! xxxx

 Lydia Kemper - Tue Apr 6 08:31:02 2010
Aloha from the tall corn state! We had an awesome time with you guys! was the highlight of the trip. we hope to be back next year, and can't wait to sail with you again. will try to upload some pics. i must have taken 200 pictures while sailing with you, it was just too much fun!

 shane and deb (australia) - Fri Apr 2 01:37:55 2010
hi john we were there on the 10th march and really enjoyed our hour on the smaller boat...hope to come back next year and we will be sure to do it again...i'll try to email u a couple of pics...oh and cricky when that wave hit

 Ronnie from Australia - Mon Mar 29 01:38:19 2010
Dear Kaptain Krash, I think you are the best Kaptain ever and thank you for letting me steer the catamaran for you when you were tired (Editor (Mum)'s note: Ronnie is 8 years old :)) I am hoping my Mum and Dad will bring me over to Hawaii again this year and I think Bear is great too. Mum and Dad bought me a shell last time we were there so I can blow it just like you do when the cruise is leaving or coming in, I drive them nuts with it but it is a pleasant memory for them too ha ha :) I had the best time with you guys, love Ronnie and his typist mum :) from way down here downunder

 John Postoluk - Sun Mar 14 14:59:58 2010
Want to thank the crew of Krash, Brandon, Shugo, Mike, Miles, and Bear (and of course Captain John-John) for making it such a great time each and every time I went for a ride. Some of the most fun and relaxing times you'll ever have with these guys! Hope to be back soon! Alooooooohaaaaaaa & hang loose!

 Rochelle & Brooke - Fri Mar 12 15:05:12 2010
My daughter and I go to Hawaii every year - 11th trip is in three weeks. We always start and end our trip with a sail. It's our favorite thing to do! You guys are the best! C U soon.

 Clare - Mon Mar 8 12:18:13 2010
@ Sal....MAHALOOOOOO!!!! Scotty I sent you that email!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Mar 6 16:30:28 2010
Aloha Clare, Hey, email me thru the contacts page. I know just the place and the cost is almost nothing. ;-)

 Sal in Vegas - Thu Mar 4 21:03:36 2010
Hey Clare. Self park at the Moana is 25. Valet is 33. Both with in and out. Valet with a purchase at the Beach Bar(ask for Chris!) gets a discount. Worth the beach time. AlooooooHaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!

 Clare - Thu Mar 4 10:06:30 2010
Quick question Scotty...where can I best the rates for dailey parking? I'm back in April but staying at a friends in Waipahu. The meters along the Ala Wai are hourly I think, and only go a couple of hours at a time. I'd have to keep leaving the beach to re fill the meter and that interferes with my tanning! LOL

 Candice - Tue Mar 2 13:10:31 2010
I am so glad all you guys are safe!!!..I MISS Hawaii SO MUCH..Want to come back soon. BEST ride in Hawaii

 Rick from CT (aka Rubberneck) - Sun Feb 28 20:53:15 2010
Webmaster, I'm so relieved it was a non-event. As all the news networks went live with images of the beautiful blue waters off Oahu I could just picture you hanging out a few thousand feet off shore ready to ride it out with a few beverages. Was actually shocked you DIDN'T appear on the news, knowing you. Glad you're safe ...

 Julia - Sat Feb 27 19:40:48 2010
Glad to see everything is looking better on the beach, I was worried about you guys!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Feb 27 18:17:00 2010
All good here. Turned out to be a non-event, but better safe than sorry, ya?

 Robb H. - Oakland, Ca - Sat Feb 27 15:37:23 2010
Its 10:35 am Honolulu time 2/27/10 - Praying for you guys and hope you are able to get out of the danger zone. Stay safe!

 Jasmine (Krash's Daughter) - Thu Feb 25 15:37:12 2010
Happy Birthday Uncle John!!!! Hope you have a great day.

 Kurk & Kole - Thu Feb 25 13:38:16 2010
Happy Happy Happy BIRTHDAY JOHN JOHN Live it up it's YOUR DAY . Kurk & Kole

 Claire - Mon Feb 22 23:42:39 2010
where do I find that booty song??

 Sal in Vegas - Fri Feb 19 22:09:15 2010
Mahalo to ALL of the crews for yet ANOTHER great trip !!!!! Get ready for Da Brewster and we WILL be back very soon. You guys are absolutely da best. Happy Big 6 0 to J.J. No one nicer around !!!! Thanks again, SAL and YVONNE. AloooooooooooHaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!

 Clare - Mon Feb 8 09:36:15 2010
Alohaaaa Scotty, see ya soon, coming back for a New York second in April!!!!

 Guy - New York - Sun Feb 7 02:37:08 2010
Where's that beautiful Canadian gal? Someone told me she is single again!

 Lack ah nookie - Fri Feb 5 17:59:35 2010
why doesn't anybody write anything.....Lets go all you Ohana"s

 Kurk Knutson - Thu Jan 28 17:03:57 2010
I want I want I want To come Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you ALL. KURK

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Jan 23 17:27:21 2010
Aloha All! New pix posted! (I know...finally, huh?) Enjoy!

 Brewster - Wed Jan 20 21:25:57 2010
Rex & Norma.....It won't be the same without you guys. Please keep in touch via private emails. Barb & I wish you all the best and hopefully we will all meet up again next year if not before. Sorry you will miss J-J's big 60, but we will be thinking of you............Aloha "Da Brewster"

 Rex - Sun Jan 17 09:00:11 2010
Aloha Scott, Brewter and all. Sorry that Norma and I won't get to see you this year Brewster, as we won't get there until April this year. But, better late than never. John John won't have to put as much money in beer in March, since we will spread it out over two months.

 Brewster - Wed Jan 13 10:04:10 2010
Steve & Crystal would you believe I arrive on Feb 23rd!!! Sorry we will miss each other again, but if you have a few beers for me, I will have a few for you. Have a great time and enjoy.....Aloha & All the best!!

 Steve & Crystal - Tue Jan 12 12:31:27 2010
Brewster, Sailed with you a few times over the last 5 years as we are there in Feb quite often. The couple from St. Louis. When you there in Feb? We are coming 17th to 22.

 Brewster - Mon Jan 11 22:12:25 2010
Hope all is well and will see everyone in about 5 weeks. For all of you that care....John-John's 60th B-day is Feb 25th. Come join the celebration, probably at Dukes, that morning for breakfast.....................Aloha to all and to all another Big Aloha!!!!!!!!

 kent and traci - Thu Jan 7 21:12:24 2010
Thanks for a awesome adventure on the Na Hoku II. Probably the best time we had on our vacation!

 Sal in Vegas - Sun Jan 3 14:05:00 2010
Happy New Year to everyone on da boat. Yvonne and I are coming down Feb 13 for a long weekend!!!! Can't wait to go sailing with you guys!!! See you soon, Alooooooohaaaaaaaa! J.J. order extra beer, after me, it's Brewster time!!

 Mary Ann Jenkins - Thu Dec 31 12:08:19 2009
Happy New Year from Pittsburgh to Scott, John-John and Fariyl. Hope 2010 is a good year for all of you! I miss Waikiki and the boat rides.

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Dec 30 20:03:50 2009
Mahalo Clare!!! Look forward to seeing you again too!!! Hauoli Makahiki Hou!!!

 Clare - Wed Dec 30 12:29:00 2009
Awesome seeing you all again! Scotty, I didn't get to say good bye before I left. Have an awesome 2010 and I will see you in the elevator next year!!! Aloha....

 Anonymous - Wed Dec 30 00:34:54 2009
Aloha! lma

 B.J. California - Sat Dec 19 16:09:44 2009
Great to see Nahoku 2's sister arrive on the beach yesterday. She looks trim and great.

 B.J. California - Sat Dec 12 19:28:08 2009
Back again for the marathon. Is that Canadian gal running again. I'll look for her on the boat after the marathon.

 Tiffany - Fri Dec 11 19:02:59 2009
I will be there on the 21st!! i cant wait :)

 Steve & Crystal - Fri Dec 4 12:10:52 2009
Woo Hoo! Be there in February! The ST. Louis couple.

 D&N Gray / J&T Sherban - Sat Nov 28 20:55:50 2009
This boat is a must do when in Waikiki!! Loved every minute of the cruise. Great crew and great drinks... This is a great way to unwind and get into your holiday mode. Just left the Island yesterday and can't wait to get back next year. Keep those Mai Tai's flowing boys !!!!

 Kaylani - Fri Nov 27 18:18:27 2009
I'd just like to say, although the crew has changed a little since I was a little kid growing up in Hawaii (before it was Na Hoku II), the Na Hoku is still the most fun I've had in Waikiki. I always suggest it to tourists and people who live on island but never venture into town. And a special shout out to Bear for the Mai Tai's he gave us on mine and my husbands last ride when we left our IDs in the car. PS what ever happened to Dave? I heard he moved to Maui because something with his wife's job or he got another job... anyhow, he was pretty awesome, miss that guy.

 J&T SHERBAN/D&N GRAY - Tue Nov 24 21:08:57 2009

 Chris and Pamela - Sat Nov 21 00:15:27 2009
Nov. 12th 11:30am trip. What a blast! Our hats off to Capt. Crash and his crew for a great time! Very friendly, low key fun. Especially enjoyed the description of the emergency exits. Thanks for a great memory, we will be back.

 Clare - Wed Nov 18 21:25:33 2009
Hi Scotty, my friends, Kevin & treasa had a blast on the cruise. Mahalo!!! see you soon...

 April - Mon Nov 16 01:40:52 2009
Is there another way to contact you guys to make a reservation? Or can you share your e-mail address on this forum? I tried the link for reservations but it keeps trying to set up an Outlook e-mail account and I don't use Outlook. If I have the e-mail address, I'll just e-mail you guys from Yahoo. Thanks!

 Clare - Sat Nov 14 17:12:23 2009
Aloha Scotty, can't wait to be back, Dec 11th!!! Who are the artists singing on this site. They are a must have!!!!!!

 linda in Baltimore - Wed Nov 11 14:10:57 2009
hi john, tell Gene he needs to come to Baltimore and see the Colts/Ravens game! or the Steelers /Ravens!! Miss good times on the Na hoku. Congrats on getting the blue and white sailboat!

 Sarah - Ewa - Mon Nov 2 17:30:18 2009
What a blast!! We came to town for Halloween and went for a ride at 3:30. LOVED IT!!!!!! You guys are the best!

 Brewster - Thu Oct 29 22:12:23 2009
Hi to all my friends. Hope all is well. Can't wait to get back to the islands. Hey Rex you got any dates set yet?

 Mary - Thu Oct 29 22:09:56 2009
Love you Scott, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Oct 27 16:22:59 2009
Sorry for the glitch in the guestbook everyone, it's all good now!

 Trent - Mon Sep 14 16:54:37 2009
Can we take our 5 year old child? Is there a discount? What is the Mai Tai cruise?

 michael vaters - Sat Sep 12 14:22:27 2009
i miss working on the boat but i will be back soon

 dainora - Fri Sep 11 18:24:18 2009
What is a phone number? Please email me Thanks!

 Laine - Mon Aug 31 18:34:59 2009
Heard the NaHoku II has a sister boat?

 Honu - Mon Aug 31 13:08:32 2009
Hey Karen, there is a no drink price for people who don't plan to drink or want to pay one drink at a time.

 karen - Fri Aug 28 13:48:40 2009
really wish you's go back to just buying your drinks. We travel to Oahu every year with our kids. My husband is only one that drinks. Used to take your boat,but lately have been riding the other two. Love the Na Hoku,but really can't afford it with all you can drink price.

 Leg Man - Tue Aug 25 16:35:04 2009
Any word on when the boat will be sailing again?

 Sherbans/Grays - Sun Aug 16 16:02:51 2009
Coming back in Nov. Cant wait to see you all again....Definatly the one and only Waikiki Party boat.....

 DJ - Sun Aug 9 16:44:38 2009
My annual trips always include a ride or two. Just got home joined the crew for a couple rides and a few drinks. Great way to spend time while visiting. Can't for the next visit.

 Maria & Adam - Sat Aug 1 20:44:59 2009
We started coming to the NaHoku II in Aug of 08. It's been fantastic that Adam is stationed here, cause now we enjoy the Aloha spirit of the crew & Capt. Crash at least once a month. It's better than therapy! We bring as many friends as possible. We've do birthdays and aniversaries. Dustin and Shogu are a barrel of fun. I will cry the day we have to leave the rock and no longer be able to plan a wonderful weekend @ Waikiki and Na Hoku II.

 Gerry Hicks - Sat Aug 1 18:02:05 2009
What an absolute blast my daughter and I had on your catamaran cruise! You guys did a fantastic job in giving us a great ride and equally as good bar service! We will be back one of these days for a repeat performance. Your service is the best. I recommend it to anyone who loves the water, good times with a bunch of crazy strangers, good music and a great sail. I didn't even mention the bar. Where has my mind gone!!! I've attached some photo's if you care to use them. I realize you probably get hundreds if not thousands of photos all the time, but feel free to use mine if you want to. You'll see Stephanie and myself (Gerry) having the time of our lives. Thanks again for having the best catamaran ride in Waikiki!! Sing loud and dance fast!

 Candice R - Wed Jul 22 08:27:50 2009
Went on your boat in beginning of July..maybe the 8th. Was GREAT. Went on a dinner cruise in Maui (another catamaran) has a BETTER time with you guys!!! Loved the fact you guys let us jump in the ocean. You guys offer best price ever!! Take care

 Shayna - Tue Jul 14 16:27:42 2009
Im unable to contact you guys via email. Can you send me a phone number? I want to make reservations for a sunset cruise for a large party

 B.J. California - Sun Jul 5 11:58:46 2009
Hey I just woke up and remembered it is July! When is that hot Canadian gal arriving at the boat? She usually arrives the first week of July if memory serves me correctly? Then again it might be the beer talking.

 Katie - Sun Jul 5 02:10:38 2009
Can someone answer my email?? Or give a phone number??

 Brewster - Fri Jul 3 22:23:06 2009
Just a quick memo to say hi to all the boats Ohana and hope all is going well. Keep in touch. Shugo how many more days of being single? Hi to Allison and GOOD LUCK!!! All the Best, Bruce

 Julia - Fri Jul 3 13:22:10 2009
My family and I will be out in a week!!! Can't wait to get on the boat. See you guys soon!

 Tiff and Zach Haywood - Thu Jul 2 17:02:31 2009
Krash married us on the beach June 19th and we went out on the boat twice after that. It was so much fun, once wasn't enough!! We should have gone even more! It was definitely one of the many highlights our Hawaii wedding/honeymoon. Many thanks to Krash and the guys for such a fun time!!!

 Tracy & Jen - Kansas - Tue Jun 30 15:33:22 2009
We went out Monday and it was AWESOME! What a perfect day! We have to leave tonight and wish we had done this the first day we arrived! Mucho thanks to Crash and his "boyz"! We can NOT wait to come back next year!!

 MIKE H May 10th, 2009 - Wed May 27 22:11:21 2009
Dreadlock Brian, Mike and Joni went out with Dustin, Cuba, and Crash. Had a G R E A T time. Also went out with Scary Terry and Dustin. All & all we went out 4 times and every time just got BETTER!!!!!! Met lots of freindly people and made new friends. Na Hoku II...Truly the ALOHA SPIRIT

  Jared - Sat May 23 04:58:20 2009
tnx - this was the most fun we had in Oahu - everyday 9 times

 Sal in Vegas - Thu May 21 22:11:48 2009
Arrival on boat set for Saturday. ALL weekend sailing. Pray for wind. Hamms sounds good to us Brewster. I would almost drink water as long as I was on Da Boat!AlooooooooooooooooooHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

 Brewster - Thu May 14 21:43:33 2009
Hey Sal, They don't have Bud anymore!!! It's Hamms and Schlitz light...........Aloha and have fun!!!!

 Sal in Vegas - Tue May 12 22:52:07 2009
Warning!!! Warning!!!! Warning!!!!! Sal & Yvonne from Vegas will be there Memorial Day weekend. I am drinking Bud again. Double your inventory. We CANNOT wait to see our ohana! AlooooooooooooHaaaaaaaaaa!

 Jannica ( Aussie Chick) - Mon May 11 07:50:40 2009
Hey guys! i bought 3 friends on ur cruise november last yr and bringing another this oct/nov! cant wait for the open bar and sunset cruise! best way to view waikiki and check out the hot surfer guys! cya all in a couple of months! do u guys have a facebook/ myspace page??

 Moorebank Netball Club - Wed Apr 22 17:35:40 2009
Thank you for a great time! What a way to celebrate our win! We all had a blast and we have told everyone to get down to Waikiki Beach and find Kaptain Krash and the Na Hoku 11. We will always remember that afternoon. Thanks Again for your hospitality! Aloha from all the girls at Moorebank.

 anny et francine - Mon Apr 20 13:54:06 2009
les deux petites belges viennent présenter leurs sincères condoléances à John John; Beaucoup de courage pour lui et les gens qui l'entourent;

 Al and Jan Kaminski - Fri Apr 17 00:39:47 2009
Please give John John our deepest condolences on his unthinkable loss…we can not fully appreciate his pain, but we mourn with him. "This too shall pass…"

 Jamie and Jeff - Fri Apr 10 18:13:45 2009
We are here on our honeymoon and are having a great time! We went out on your boat yesterday and although it was sprinkling we had the best time!! We saw several dolphins, met new people and enjoyed the friendliness and the service of the staff members. It was fantastic and we hope to go again before our honeymoon ends.

 Sal in Vegas - Thu Apr 9 21:16:21 2009
Hello John, my friend. Everyone here in Vegas and my Mom in Philly are praying for you and your family. Words cannot express our sadness on this day. God bless and much love, your friend, SAL.

 Mark & Tina in CA. - Thu Apr 9 17:16:38 2009
Good God.......that's terrible. John, our prayers are with you and your family during this extremely difficult time.

 Steve & Crysta; St. Louis - Thu Apr 9 14:22:12 2009
Here we come! Late Friday arrival. 9 days in paradise and at least that many cruises.

 Rod and Michele - Thu Apr 9 10:02:12 2009
John John, Michele and I are thinking of you. We're so sorry for your loss. Love and thinking of you. Rod and Michele

 Spence~ - Tue Apr 7 21:01:34 2009
You guys rock... I'm starting to feel like I'm part of the boat. But after all this time I finally saw whales!! Too cool for school~~ Will bring more friends out when they cruise through! Have plenty of pics I need to send you guys.

 Sue - Tue Apr 7 19:37:33 2009
Congratulations to Shugo......and my heart goes out to Captain John-John in his loss! Wish I could be there! I miss all you guys! Alohasu!

 Brewster - Tue Mar 31 16:37:55 2009
Another great trip to paradise. Thanks to all the crew and Ohana of the boat and beach. Lots of Aloha to all!!! Keep in touch! Congrats to Shugo. Sorry girls he is getting married in July to a beautiful girl....Aloha Brewster & Barbie Doll

 Mark - Mon Mar 30 16:14:49 2009
Scotty, check your e-mail. I just sent you a response from your e-mail last week. Mark.

 Marty Q - Thu Mar 19 18:20:36 2009
Mahalo John-John, Krash, Scottie, Shugo, Dustin, Bear and Mike for another great year...six weeks goes by way too fast. Looking forward to next February...see ya then.

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Mar 16 15:54:02 2009
Marc, you can go to the Contacts page and email for reservations. Aloha!

 marc - Mon Mar 16 14:50:55 2009
hey guys. great website and i've definitely heard a lot about you guys through the internet. who do i email to make reservations? thanks

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Mar 14 20:25:35 2009
Mahalo Al & Kay!! Was good to see you guys as well...same time next year, ya?

 Al n' Jan Kaminski (Kay) - Sat Mar 14 14:46:00 2009
Aloha! Just got home -BOOOO!! Best rides ever; many Whales, Spinners and great friends! Can't wait til' next year with Brewster and Barbie Doll. Mahalo plenty plenty to Krash, Bear, Dustin, Shugo, Scottie and the entire crew; you're all the best. Keep the wind in your face and the Scotch on ice!

 sheila - Wed Mar 11 23:20:13 2009
Scott, Love the website. Makes me want to take a trip. thanks for the suprise gift.

 Nancy & Reed - Sat Feb 28 12:45:48 2009
Our 14th ride on the red and yellow catamaran. The best on the beach at Waikiki! Enjoyed it as much as our first. Thanks,once again,for make our trip to Paradise special. Memories, Memories.....

 Brewster - Thu Feb 26 16:37:55 2009
See yah all tomorrow. If not on Sat. Aloha to all our friends of the boat and the beach.

 Randi Fox - Wed Feb 25 19:20:33 2009
What a beautiful day today was! Happy Birthday JonJon! Many more to you! I loved seeing the dolphins and whales and had lots of fun like usual with Bear and Mike and Krash! Thanks guys! It was good to see you too Scotty. Keep smiling and loving life! Bear what is that you do ... do soooo well?

 Brewster. - Mon Feb 23 19:54:06 2009
Steve & Crystal, sorry to hear we are gonna miss each other this year. Going to miss the fun we have. Have a great time in April, and one day we will all "suck 'em up" again on the Big Yellow Boat!!! Aloha, "Da Brewster"

 STL buzzed. - Fri Feb 20 00:54:06 2009
Hey Brewster, Not a problem, US others from St Louis will join you 7/1/09 to 7/7/09 Just be sure to pull that cat up on the shore and make some noise!!

 Steve & Crystal: St. Louis - Thu Feb 19 11:01:35 2009
Hey Brewster. The couple from ST. Louis here. We have seen you 3 of last 5 years. We are coming in April so miss ya this year. Enjoy!

 Lee - Calgary, AB - Canada - Wed Feb 18 12:23:51 2009
Oh my gosh!!!!! I had the BEST time on this catamaran. You guys really made my trip down there. Your crew was very fun and friendly. I was with a wedding party and we loved it so much that we went on it twice. If you ever need a chick seasonal worker - let me know :)

 Sal in Vegas - Thu Feb 12 17:31:03 2009
Howzit on da boat guys?? Can't wait to see everyone and get some waves. Don't think we're gonna make it in March. Still holdin out hope I can come up with an excuse to take a vacation from a new job!!! Hope all is GREAT in Paradise. Did I see new shirts??? See you soon,I can't wait. AlooooooooooHaaaaaaaa!

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Feb 10 17:17:57 2009
Aloha Rex & Brewster...upper 70's today, lotsa sun!!

 Rex - Mon Feb 9 18:28:44 2009
Aloha Brewster and all!! We get in the afternoon of the 8th, I am hoping to make the evening cruise but the airlines don't always cooperate.After the snow storms and the ice storms and no electric, It will sure be nice to be on the Big Yellow Boat with a cold beer in hand.

 Brewster - Sun Feb 8 21:05:05 2009
Hey Rex!!!! What are ur dates for '09?

 Brewster - Sun Feb 8 21:03:41 2009
19 Days until Brewster & Barbie Doll invade the islands and "Da Big Yellow Boat!"

 Randi Fox - Fri Jan 16 14:23:08 2009
Aloha, I just wanted to say thanks to Krash for such a beautiful wedding. I was so impressed and we loved all the local flair. I will send some pictures to Scotty to post. Thanks to all on board from the mother and father of the bride.

 Brewster - Wed Jan 14 09:29:25 2009
Hey Thanks Rex.............Winter has been brutal here. How is it in Ohio? See you soon on the beach and on "Da Big Yellow Boat"...Aloha !!!

 Rex - Tue Jan 13 09:03:23 2009
Aloha Scott and all!! How about a couple of pictures of Christmas on the beach for those of us in the snow. Bruce has a blizzard on the way, I know he could use some warm pictures.

 Jared(I used to work on the boat) - Wed Jan 7 05:11:16 2009
Hey all. My name is Jared i used to work on the boat from the late 80's- l early 2000's. I used to work on the boat in the summer time. I was one of many John John's illegitimate Man i sure do miss those times unfortunatly i haven't been able to make it out there since 2003 i miss it soooo much. I am hoping i can make it out there this summer for a much overdue reunion with Krash, and John John. Maybe i will see some of the other guys that be awesome. Well if anyone sees Eric tell him Jared says aloha. Jared

 Clare - Tue Jan 6 15:42:42 2009
I can't believe that I came, I saw, I drank and I sailed. and it's all over so fast for another year. Scotty it was good to see you again and you did a great work for Fariyal's birthday,I had a lot of fun. Looking forward to the pics. Aloha to Dustin & Shugo, you fella's 'rock'. Have a great 2009 everyone and see you in 11 months....AloooooooooHaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

 DJ - Tue Jan 6 08:57:28 2009
Hey, givin a shout out from Iraq, its actually cold over here, and cant wait to get back to hawaii. Used to be on the boat 3-5 times a weekend, always had a good time. See you guys in march!!!

 Hono - Fri Dec 26 15:24:47 2008
Great Christmas brunch at Dukes' good to see the old bunch together again. Thanks to the Canadian gal, Fariyal, for getting the group together.

 Brewster & Barbie Doll - Thu Dec 25 15:26:30 2008
Aloha, Mele Kalikimaka & Houoli Makahiki Hou to all the crew, captains and friends in paradise. From cold Chicago with 2 feet of snow on the ground!!!!!

 big ken. - Wed Dec 24 13:21:42 2008
Thanks goes out to you guys for showing an ole boy from west virginia a good time.You made me feel as if I had been there many times,my daughter Tara had a great time also.... Thanks again Dustin and Miles..............................

 Julia - Sun Dec 21 17:03:08 2008
Hey everyone. I hope all is well. I wish i could be out there this Christmas but hopefully I can get out there soon. Best wishes and miss you guys!

 Clare - Mon Dec 15 11:22:57 2008
Aloha Scotty.....4 more sleeps!! Bags are packed I'm ready to go!!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating Fariayl's BIG DAY!!!!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Dec 12 17:46:30 2008
Aloha Clare & Courtney! The "Family" is almost complete...another week and everyone else should be here! YAY!!!

 Courtney - Thu Dec 11 15:24:03 2008
Hey everyone.. only 1 week til i arrive.. i can't wait to be there!!

 Clare - Tue Nov 25 13:51:26 2008
Aloha, 24 more sleeps..........YEAH!!!!

 Beckie - Mon Nov 10 16:16:43 2008
Dustin, you're still hott!! Sorry I had to go back to Cali.

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Nov 8 13:10:29 2008
Krash & Na Hoku II In The News...A Nice Clip from KHON2

(Copy & paste into your browser)

 Sal in Vegas - Sat Nov 1 01:18:53 2008
Aloha J.J. and all. Da Brewster, Yvonne and myself will be enjoying Waikiki the first week of March with you. Please stock up on vodka. Barb might show up.

 Wayne Benson - Thu Oct 9 15:14:36 2008
Aloha Scott, I was just reviewing your site and thinking about our last sail in February of 08. Our company sent a group of us from California to Hawaii for the Pro-Bowl. It was nice to meet you, and Shugo, and to see Clint again. LJ is my younger brother, so I go back a long ways with John-John and his cats over the years. As usual, we spent our allotted time in Dukes!! ;-) You were all very gracious hosts, mahalo for the good times. Please say hello to John-John for me!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Sep 21 18:31:36 2008
Link to the "Junk Boat" that sailed to Hawaii (cut & paste into your browser):
Also, a link to the Roz Savage story. She ROWED from Cali to Hawaii in 99 days. Amazing stuff!

 The Hendrick Family from MD - Sat Sep 20 20:57:09 2008
We just had to write and tell you all what a great time we had sailing with you all!. The music, the scenery, the turtles, the dolphins, the fun crew and delicious drinks!!! Krash was wonderful, letting us sit with him in the back as he answered sailing questions and the gave us fun facts on Hawaii. Shugo and Dustin were also at our command it seemed, always checking to see if we needed anything! At $25 a head, it was without a doubt the best deal & most fun we had our whole trip! Next time we are able to come, we will see you all 1st instead of last!! Mahalo from Jeff, Diane, Reese and Cindy!!!!!!!!

 Amy & Megan from San Diego - Sat Aug 30 14:55:38 2008
Aloha Krash, Terry, Mike, Dustin, & Shugo! Just wanted to say that we had the best time with you guys this week on Da' Big Yellow Boat, we never wanted to get off (even 3 days in a row was not enough!) It's so addicting. You were all amazing and made our first trip to Hawaii truly memorable. And a special mahalo to MIKE for all the great recommendations on the local bars, and for never letting our drinks run out! Mahalo and hopefully be back again.

 Jen & Liz - Sun Aug 24 18:05:14 2008
Hey Crash, Shugo, Mike, Eric & Scotty!!! We had the BEST time with you guys last week! Too much fun!! We loved that champagne & passion juice drink...FABULOUS! You guys ROCK and we can't wait to get back next summer, and Scotty, a BIG mahalo for giving us one of your new disposable cameras when we forgot ours. I'll email pix soon. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO!!!!

 anny et francine - Mon Aug 18 13:52:07 2008
merci d'avoir repondu a notre message.SOMMES IMPATIENTES DE VOUS REVOIR AU MOIS D'OCTOBRE;anny et francine belgique. A tres bientot

 Mónicka García - Sat Aug 16 04:14:35 2008
pueden traducir mi comentario porque creo que lo que escriba en ingles no esta bien !! Nos regresamos a México, los conocimos el jueves 14 a la 1:30pm!! son personas hermosas, gracias! Besos,,, Dustin!!! We returned ourselves to Mexico, we knew Thursday 14 1:30 p.m.! they are beautiful people, thanks! DUSTIN... kisses!!! prometo regresar a hawaii cuando sepa ingles jajaja!!

 Sal in Vegas - Thu Aug 7 09:18:50 2008
Is that Dave in the new pics???? Man, do they look good! Wish I was there for that sail. Hi J.J. Shugo, Krash and Dustin. See you all very soon. Warning, Me and Da Brewster coming for March.

 Clare - Wed Aug 6 11:15:33 2008
and they are anxiuos to see John again...My french is not very good for living in Toronto. See you december, save me some drinks!! mahalo

 Clare - Wed Aug 6 11:12:39 2008
Scotty, I think it says that they come every year and will be back in october....Aloha

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Aug 5 18:31:36 2008
Hey! Anybody that can read French is more than welcome to email me a translation of what this says below...HAHAHAHA! Thanks!

 ANNY ET FRANCINE BELGIUM - Sat Aug 2 14:03:50 2008
venons chaque annee a waikiki et chaque fois prenons votre catamaran.GENIAL.revenons le 4 octobre et sommes impatientes de repartir avec vous.esperons revoir john john mais vous etes tous sympa.a bientot

 Michelle & Barry - Sat Aug 2 08:05:54 2008
Aloha, just a little comment to say we had a brilliant time on board during our honeymoon in Waikiki & we'll definitely be back,xx!

 Heather - Sat Jul 26 05:40:02 2008
Mahalo Scotty!! It was nice to hang with you even if you did give me a hard time!! Miss you lots.

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Jul 23 18:05:14 2008
Mahalo Hayley...I wuz wonderin' where you'd dropped off to! Hope you get it fixed ok & soon. Aloha also to Rex!! Yes, the 4th was great!!...soon for you, ya??

 Rex - Tue Jul 22 05:37:16 2008
Aloha Scott! Great new set of pictures. The fourth of July had to be a blast on the water.

 Hayley - Mon Jul 21 20:52:52 2008
Aloha Scott, I'm trying to get my computer to send you a few pictures from Lauren and I's trip over.. it's being somewhat of a pain! Sorry its taken so long to get to!

 gmc in Bellevue, WA - Sun Jul 20 18:57:25 2008
Best catamaran & crew on the beach. You will have missed the island experience if you don't ride. Our family and friends never miss a evening sail while in Oahu, perfect way to start or finish your night.

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Jul 19 18:04:34 2008
Aloha there Jr. Capt. Hunter! I will have a new album up this week dude...hope all is well with you & look forward to seeing you & the family again really soon!!!

 Hunter - Fri Jul 18 17:15:45 2008
i wanted to know when your goingto put up the pictures from 4th of july 2008. cant wait until i come back agian. hi captain krash! from junior captain hunter

 holoholo girl - Tue Jul 15 00:34:40 2008
Hey Scott, that anniversary wish should be dated 7/14 guess the site is on EST ?????

 holoholo girl - Tue Jul 15 00:31:08 2008
Happy Anniversary to Krash and Kelly !

 A Friend... - Tue Jul 8 17:58:22 2008
What a shame all the 'garbage' that is turning up on this wonderful website/guestbook. Glad to see our webmaster is trying his best to delete it. Keep up the good work Scott, sure keeps you busy though. Mahalo and Aloha...

 Nancy from PA - Sun Jul 6 15:54:15 2008
Aloha! Just returned home from Honolulu. Took our 12th ride on your wonderful boat. We brought family this time and the dolphins put on a spectacular show for us swimming beside and under the boat and twirling in the air!!! Called home while in front of your Webcam at the Moana. Needless, to say, we had a lot fun with that. Mahalo for another wonderful adventure on the sea! See you in February....with 4 friends making their first trip to Paradise!

 Courtney - Sat Jul 5 04:05:26 2008
Aloha everyone!! Scott!! hows it goin? I miss you all!! can't wait to get back to hawaii!

 Courtney - Sat Jul 5 04:00:34 2008
you mean Fariyal and her family?? yes they are in hawaii now..

 Hono - Fri Jul 4 23:05:30 2008
Hey, is that Canadian gal back with her family? Does anyone know?

 Patrick - Thu Jun 26 16:32:30 2008
Hey Shugo -- It's Patrick from Chicago. A buddy of mine moved out to Oahu this week. His name is Justin and he and some friends are going to be in Waikiki on Sunday so I told him to look you guys up. Hope all is well and see you in the fall.

 Sal in Vegas - Sat Jun 21 08:52:35 2008
Glad to hear dry dock wasn't long. I Can't wait to get on da boat. Going to Kauai and Maui in 16 days. If work wasn't a problem, we'd extend our trip to Oahu for Na Ho Ku. Hello J.J, Krash, Shugo, Dustin, Bear and Scott. See you soon. And Hello Brewster!!!!!!!!!

 Rex - Sat Jun 21 06:03:55 2008
Aloha Brewster!!!! I'm going back out Aug 2 as a matter of fact. Using one of the vouchers that we got in March. Cost me $58 out of pocket for the round trip ticket. A little bit cheaper than gas would be to go to Sturgis. Don't worry, I'll make sure that I drink a couple of beers a day for you so that they don't go bad. We still have two vouchers left, so I hope that American Airlines does'nt go out of buisness too soon. Month and a week until it's "Nahoku II" time, can't wait.

 Kelly Brooks - Fri Jun 20 12:45:55 2008
You guys are the Best!!! We will be back as soon as we land! Thanks for a great sail, Kelly and Spencer Brooks

 Brewstwr - Thu Jun 19 20:46:55 2008
Hey Rex.................When is your next trip over? Times are getting hard with the airlines cutting flights and charging more!!!!!

 Kubaco - Mon Jun 16 21:45:39 2008
Carol is fine. She just moved and has been busy.

 Albert / Calgary - Sun Jun 15 23:27:11 2008
haven't heard Carol for a while .Does anyone know how she is doing ?

 Randi - Sun Jun 15 21:46:05 2008
Aloha Braddahs! Just wanted to say Mahalo for the greatest birthday. Krash and krew were great. We will definitely be back and look forward to more pineapple mimosas Ben. I felt very comfortable being able to just relax,enjoy and just have fun! Seeing the dolphins and turtles were a bonus to the fun we had just being on the water with the krew. Hope to see you all again soon! Mahalo!

 Mike & Tara - Thu May 29 19:02:43 2008
Aloha Webmaster Scott, Krash, Shugo, and the rest of the crew. Just thought we'd drop a line to see how things are in paradise. The weather is finally warming up here in Canada. Looking forward to next year already...see you then...ALOHA!!!

 Jared - Thu May 22 05:02:39 2008
Hey guys it's Jared. It's been a while since i've been out that way. Eric was telling me about your site so i had to check it out. Also wanted to say hello to John john and Krash how you guys been? Well if you guys want to get in touch with me my email address is

 marilou bandoy rosario - Mon May 19 22:21:47 2008
i wish that i went to hawaii for my vacation

 Brewster - Mon May 19 21:17:50 2008
Aloha all...........Hayley, Rex, Webmaster, Shugo, Dustin, J-J, Mike, Krash, Deb, Mike, Guy, Kevika(sp?) RoxAnne, Miles and the rest of the boats Ohana. Hope all is well and dry-dock goes fast!!! Keep in touch and keep posting on this great website. Mahalo, Brewster Hayley........Congrats on the riding. Your mom told me all about it!!!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun May 18 20:08:10 2008
Aloha Rex & Hayley!! Rex: The beer is already on ice just waitin' fer ya'...and Hayley: Well, you know how it goes with ice. Congrats on your riding & can't wait to see ya!!

 Hayley - Sun May 18 17:16:16 2008
hey guys.. i miss you all so much! i hope everything is going well and me and my friend will be there in 30 days(but whose counting.. right?)!! I can't wait to see you all! aloha & much love to all!

 Rex - Fri May 16 06:38:27 2008
Aloha!! Bruce and Scott and all, sitting here watching a sunrise in Myrtle Beach during Bike Week. It is just not the same as watching a sunset aboard the "Big Yellow Boat" in Waikiki, at least the beer is cold, can't wait to get back on the boat in August.

 shugo - Sat Apr 26 22:35:21 2008
hey hey bruce i miss u!!! yes we'll take good care of him!!! say hi to all your family!!!!

 Brewster - Wed Apr 23 22:31:30 2008
Shugo, I miss yah Brah and I'm jealous Sal is going to be there without me.Take care of him and put a vodka on my tab for him.............

 Sal in Vegas - Wed Apr 23 18:53:34 2008
Shugo, we see you Monday !!! Hope it's windy !!!

 shugo - Sun Apr 20 23:24:40 2008
waz up!!! sal!!!! u guys are back soon!! so excited to see you guys!! yes ice cold vodka is on the boat waiting for you!!!! see you soon!!! shugo

 Sal in Vegas - Sun Apr 20 12:44:46 2008
Aloha everyone! J.J. please load up on vodka. I will be there in one week. Can't wait for a few days of sailing. Wish Brewster was still around! Hi Scott.

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Apr 13 09:37:16 2008
Aloha Clare, Tara & Mike!!! Nope...Faryial & Erik were here on a short one this time for Spring Break & left several weeks ago...Tara: You know I wouldn't forget to throw your pic up...sorry it took me so long...been berry berry bizzy! Look forward to seeing you all again soon!!

 Clare - Sat Apr 12 23:40:54 2008
Scott, is fariyal still mixing up her powerful sunset drink?

 Mike & Tara - Fri Apr 11 18:14:24 2008
Aloha webmaster Scott and crew. Glad to see you updated the site with some new pictures!! Awesome. We made the cut as Beauty & Husband... I'll take it.. just glad to make the site. Look forward to seeing you next year. Take care & enjoy paradise....

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Apr 8 16:48:18 2008
She was born on 2/29 (Leap Year), so she has a "real" birthday every 4 years....4 X 5 = 20...pretty sure that's what he meant....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

 Brewster - Mon Apr 7 21:17:33 2008
Aloha Rex.... will answer ur e-mail tomorrow...Had fun time with you and your family....JUST TO SHORT!!!!! AND JAY...........Were you drinking when you sent your message? Kyrstn just didn't have her 5th Birthday. She had her 20th...................hahahaha(:-o)

 Rex - Mon Apr 7 06:32:48 2008
Aloha!!!! Bruce and Barb, Don and Heather and of course Scott and the rest of the crew of the Big Yellow Boat. Had a great time as always, sorry when we had to leave. Keep all the good pictures coming and be back as soon as possible.

 Jay - Fri Apr 4 03:32:41 2008
Hey John John a hello from Abbotsford (Vancouver) from Jay Susan and Kyrstn the crazy Canadians and friends of Brewster. Kyrstn just had her 5th birthday Feb 29 20 now legal in the us next year. We hope to come in 2009 when she is is 21. I hope everything is going well and i hope to see you next year. Your Canadian friends Jay. Susan and Kyrstn. Say Hi to your lovely wife... Jay.....

 samurai - Tue Apr 1 01:51:44 2008
By the way scott we need new pictures!! It's all pictures of Dustin!!!!

 Paula - Thu Mar 27 18:50:31 2008
Hey guys, just looking at the video I shot of you on March 5th or was it 6th? Who knows, that Hawaiian time warp is something else! Really enjoyed the ride, greetings from cold New York City.

 Brewster - Tue Mar 25 21:13:17 2008
Thanks Shugo..............You guys make my year, every year! See you again as soon as I can. Mean while keep the beer cold and lots of Aloha!!!

 Hono - Tue Mar 25 11:11:18 2008
Hey I see that hot gal from Canada is back, nice to see her aboard.

 shugo - Sun Mar 23 02:34:52 2008
we all missing you bruce!!!!!! we'll be waiting for you!!!! ice cold coors light!!!! shugo

 Brewster - Sat Mar 22 21:56:19 2008
Just a quick thank you to everyone, J-J, Krash, Shugo, Dustin, Miles, Mike, Kai, Scotty and the rest of The boats Ohana. Also all the friends of the boat, Deb, Rex, Guy and everyone else!!! Had a great time and very sorry we had to leave. From Cold snowy Chicago Much aloha and mahalo!!!! Bruce & Barb

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Mar 21 07:37:29 2008
Aloha Kurk!! Great to hear from you! What's new back on the Upper West Coast?

 Kurk Knutson - Wed Mar 19 16:30:33 2008
Thanks Shugo, It so nice to hear from you . And It's nice to be missed. I would love to come back we'll see. I'm on this web site almost everyday.That means something . It made me sad and happy at the same time to hear from you. My boss just came up behinde me and asked if I was going back. Thanks again for contacting me . ALOHA KURK

 shugo - Tue Mar 18 00:14:16 2008
waz up kurk!!! this is shugo!!! how's everything there?coming back? we all missing you!! you take care. aloha

 Kurk Knutson - Mon Mar 17 12:27:23 2008
Aloha Scott Webmaster, It's me kurk ,Just wanted to drop you a line. Tell everyone a big ALOHA. Life is good here in Oregon. But all of you guy's are always on my mind ALWAYS ON MY MIND,did I say always on my mind. Scott please tell everyone hello. Mike ,John-John ,Shugo and if anyone see's Nabuko, I send you all my best. By the way I miss working on the Nahoku ll with all of you The best JOB anyone could ever have . Thinking of you everyday . Kurk

 Rex - Sat Mar 15 05:28:28 2008
Sitting in the airport now, be on the boat this afternoon. Save me a beer Bruce and Scott.

 Mike & Tara - Fri Mar 14 22:24:37 2008
Aloha to all the crew from the Na Hokuii. We sailed on March 12th 2008.... it was a BLAST!! Much better weather than in Saint John New Brunswick Canada Ha ha. All the crew were awesome as were the drinks!! A big Mahalo to Kaptin Krash,Shugo, Webmaster Scott and Dustin..great job. See you guys again next year!! ( we leave in 5 days so I'm sure we'll see you at the beach to say goodbye!! )

 Joyce Weisinger - Tue Mar 11 15:04:15 2008
Howdy Captain Krash, Scott, Shugo and "Bear". The ride on Mar. 4th was the best ride ever. Getting to jump off the bow of the BIG YELLOW BOAT was the highlight of our trip. Continue to do that whenver you can. It was a very Hawaiian thing to do. Mr. Webmaster- I'm still looking for the new pictures. See you again. Aloha, Bobby and Joyce

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Feb 27 21:07:24 2008
Aloha Clare & Rex!!! 82 & Sunny here, no snow, no ice! Look forward to seein' you both whenever you get here!!

 Rex - Fri Feb 22 17:03:23 2008
Brewster; you and Scott can drink all the beer you want, just make sure you restock the coolers by the middle of March. Can't wait to get there, has to be better than the ice storm we are having.

 Clare - Fri Feb 22 08:42:01 2008
Aloha Scott from snowy Toronto! Looking forward to getting back home in the islands soon.

 Webmaster - Scott - Thu Feb 21 23:45:02 2008
Lord help us all! HIDE the beer!!!!!!

 Brewster - Thu Feb 21 17:58:52 2008
Look Out!!!! "Da Brewster" is on his way!! See you all tomorrow!!! Lots of Aloha to all....................

 Mai Toyosaki & Haru Nishimura & Momoko Abe - Tue Feb 19 01:11:11 2008
Thanks for the ride!! We really enjoyed the sailing and we had a great time with you guys!! Shugo, what's your last name? Are you married? I think you are HOOOOOOOT (from Haruka)

 Sal in Vegas - Thu Feb 14 19:13:48 2008
Thanks for a great week, Krash, Shugo, Dustin and Scott. Get ready for Da Brewster!!! We CANNOT wait to come back, as usual. What else is new??? Hi John John.

 Brewster - Wed Feb 6 18:06:11 2008
Scott, Thanks so much for your concern, much appreciated (:-( Can't wait!!! Talk to you soon. Will call you from our Igloo !!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Feb 6 17:17:28 2008
Better you than us brah! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! See ya soon!

 Brewster - Wed Feb 6 10:23:26 2008
Aloha from Chicago where it is presently snowing like a son of a "Beach" 12 more inches to go! Hope you're all warm and cozy. See you in 16days if it ever stops snowing!

 Anonymous - Mon Feb 4 22:44:10 2008
Did Captain John-John quit sailing the boat? I see from the pictures that he stopped soen but I do not see him sailing. If so the sails will not be the same without him.

 old crew - Tue Jan 29 13:35:38 2008
What ever happened to Capt. Matt? from the late 90's

 Deb C. (United Flight Crew) - Sun Jan 27 18:30:22 2008
What a great time again! I only am able to pick up the HNL line rarely, but I hit the boat every chance I get out there! Sailing this past Friday was THE BEST! Lots of Aloha to Crash, Shuogo, Justin & Scott, you guys ROCK!!!

 John - Sun Jan 27 17:18:22 2008
To Scott and Fariyal. Thanks for all the pictures - it makes me feel like I haven't left. It's cold here in Toronto - but I am getting that warm feeling just looking. Thanks again.

 Linda & Bill in NC - Fri Jan 25 17:28:55 2008
I loved the two sails I took on your boat!! It was just the best time ever! One thing I didn't care for was that photo guy hanging around on the boat before we left. We get hassled enough to part with our money all over Waikiki, but we when we paid to get on your boat, we thought we were away from all of that. He just stands around until someone lets him take their picture, then is in your way on the beach when the sail is over. It was very uncomfortable. We LOVED the trips though!!!! The captain & crew were just awesome!

 Ken from Mass. - Fri Jan 18 18:18:47 2008
Back home in cold, snowy New England. wish i was back there already. took the cruise 3 times, awesome time each time out

 Bruce in Canada - Thu Jan 17 21:48:51 2008
Hey Scotty: Someone must have twisted the umbrella pole the beach cam is mounted on at the Moana. You can no longer see the Na Hoku. Can someone fix that?

 Courtney from Saskatchewan - Sun Jan 13 21:13:37 2008
Back at home again :(, wish that I could be out on the boat. Was there last week and had three amazing rides! U guys are awesome and i hope to be back soon!

 Brewster - Sat Jan 12 22:33:39 2008
Hey Sal, I'm gonna truely miss yah Brah. Have a few brews for me and I will do the same on Feb 22. And you're right......You are Priceless (:-)

 Sal in Vegas - Sat Jan 12 21:57:53 2008
Be on da boat Feb. 4 with the ohana. See Krash. See Scott. See some guy named John John. One week. No Brewster. No office. Pupus at Tiki's...... PRICELESS!!

 Steve - Fri Jan 11 22:07:51 2008
See you guys on Jan.17,18.My last 3 trips to Waikiki were a little empty without being on board.Can't wait!

 Courtney - Fri Jan 11 02:52:22 2008
just wanted to stop by and say ALOHA!! to everyone..miss the boat and all of you!

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Jan 7 16:48:08 2008
Aloha Rex & Brewster! Mahalo for the nice comments!

 SHERBANS/BUCKS - Mon Jan 7 16:15:17 2008
Cant WAIT to get back and party again with you guys next December !!!!!!!!!!

 Mike @ Becky from SF> - Sun Jan 6 12:36:27 2008
So happy to hear you are back on the water! I have been riding the boat since we used to live there in 1992.The days of Bobby,Steve and Eric and have been coming back ever since.Waikiki was NOT the same when you were gone!So glad you're back!See you in two weeks!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Jan 5 17:12:15 2008
Hey Hayley! True....but I promised you it would be coming in the future. Could be any trip you're here..

 Hayley - Fri Jan 4 16:00:46 2008
Scott, I just realized in the entire month I was there the only person to ice me was Kai. I'm a little disappointed.

 Brewster - Thu Jan 3 13:13:40 2008
Great picture captions on your latest album. Mahalo Scott, The one and only "Brewster"

 Tom & Pat from Jersey - Wed Jan 2 10:59:33 2008
No trip to Paradise would be complete without a trip with you guys.See you in August. And I love Izzy singing on this page. Added to my favorites.

 Brewster - Tue Jan 1 12:58:26 2008
Great new album..........Thanks Scott..............See you in 52 days!!! Aloha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Rex - Tue Jan 1 02:42:04 2008
Nice set of new pictures Scott. Good way to start off the new year.

 Laura from DC - Thu Dec 27 20:51:22 2007
First time on the Na Hoku II & I can't wait to do it again! Kaptain Krash is so kind, sweet & tells great stories. Kai made sure I had great music to shake my booty. I'm takin off to New Orleans tomorrow, so watch for my 34G rack on the jumbotron ha ha Much Luv for everyone who works on the NaHoku II

 Jeannette, Warren & Dustin - Wed Dec 26 22:51:24 2007
Had a great time today. We can't wait to come back and sail again. Aloha from your new California friends!

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Dec 25 06:46:32 2007
Mele Kalikimaka Everyone!!!!

 Rex - Tue Dec 25 02:57:00 2007
Merry Christmas to All

 A Friend in PA! - Sun Dec 23 08:58:34 2007
MELE KALIKIMAKA ME KA HAU'OLI MAKAHIKI HOU to all of you in Paradise! See ya in June.....Aloha

 Brewster - Fri Dec 21 06:11:00 2007
Merry Christmas to my many friends and crew on the boat. Looking foward to seeing all of you in Feb.........Aloha

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Dec 10:30:32 2007
Rain, Rain, Rain...2 weeks now, it just won't go away. No Boat, no Sun, no Beach...It sucks. Also, the Sheraton Beachcam was "readjusted" for "Privacy" reasons according to them. Without a doubt, the dumbest thing I've ever heard. So, no view of anything but the patio there now. Hopefully the weather system stalled over the islands will leave soon, but it's in no rush at the moment. ;-(

 William - Wed Dec 5 06:55:32 2007
What's the boat situation with all the rain that has been falling? Is it still going out? and the beach cam needs to be turned back to the beach like before. Can someone climb up and twist it?

 Rex - Wed Dec 5 00:58:00 2007
Brewster, I'm glad to see that you kept up the good work. Can't wait to be able to drink my own beer on the boat. But at least you kept the stock roatated. Bet you wish you were there now, not home in the snow.

 Bryan - Wed Nov 28 04:51:26 2007
When's that hot Canadian Hawaiian gal coming back to the islands. We miss her on the boat! Great personality and a great hostess. The guys from California

 eric conley - Tue Nov 27 19:02:31 2007
Aloha John-John & crew, This is Capt. Eric from Na Hoku 1 in Long Beach, Ca. I'm happy to see Na Hoku II back on the beach again. If anyone makes it out to Long Beach come and sail on Na Hoku 1. She's docked at Shoreline Village. Say aloha to everyone from Eric.

 Sue - Mon Nov 26 08:14:20 2007
Anybody know the whereabouts of Houston, he was a regular on the original Na Hoku?

 Brewster - Sun Nov 25 13:15:20 2007
Hey Rex!!!! I did better than you asked for. I drank a whole case of beer on the boat and it was just for you!!!! Aloha and see you in March............

 tammy - Sat Nov 24 18:35:02 2007
where can i get this music??! will never forget my vacation in Hawaii!!! this cruise was the best part!!! thank you!!!

 Anna - Sat Nov 24 08:30:36 2007
JUST FUN, FUN, FUN (The best value and fun on Waikiki Beach!!) I visited Nov. 11-16, 2007. Thanks to Capt. Krash (or is it Crash), Shugo and Kai. A FABULOUS staff, GREAT music and what a RIDE. Highly recommended to any and all tourists. Pickup 'THE BIG YELLOW CATAMARAN'from the beach front at Moana Surfrider Hotel. I'll be back guys (with hubby in tow) :-)

 Shayle - Fri Nov 23 10:06:55 2007
John's new career was shortlived, he is now back as captain of another boat I believe. Don't know which one though.

 Brewster - Wed Nov 21 09:44:47 2007
Had a great time the week of Nov 11th. The crew, the friends and all the great guests, was worth the wait. NaHokuII is back better than ever and it's GREAT to have Captain Krash back were he belongs!!!! Looking forward to February...Mahalo to all and Happy Holidays.

 Harold - Mon Nov 19 11:56:51 2007
My first Na Hoku ride was in 82, my last ride was in 95 this Friday I will do Na Hoku II.

 Holly - Sat Nov 17 10:40:15 2007
What ever happened to Bobby Bonvenuto from the Bronx? He worked on the Na Hoku for years...I rode with you all about 5 times in the 80's and early 90's. I will come ride again this spring..sooo happy that you are sailing again

 railynn - Tue Nov 6 10:31:14 2007
Regarding old Johnny ---Story is he has giving up being a captain for becoming a hair stylist these days. Look for him cutting hair rather than cutting waves.

 Brewster - Fri Nov 2 09:40:57 2007
I sure will Rex!!! Got ur e-mail from our friend, so I will write yah B4 we go........Aloha!

 Rex - Thu Nov 1 23:34:45 2007
Aloha Brewster; drink a beer on the boat for me next week,

 Hayley - Thu Nov 1 20:11:21 2007
haha i've missed the ice machine. i'm already starting my countdown until i finally get there!

 Webmaster - Scott - Thu Nov 1 13:38:19 2007
Aloha Dianne, that was a truly wonderful post to the guestbook....mahalo for sharing. It's amazing the effect the boat can have on people. Sometimes the best things in life are the little unexpected surprises you come across. I'll make sure that your kind words get passed along! And Hayley...Good News!!! The ice machine is back up to speed....see ya soon!!
 Dianne Hallam - Wed Oct 31 23:40:54 2007
We had just completed an 8 week mamouth trip around the world. Four hard working nurses and at almost 60, we were at our last destination, exhausted. Howevever, Jan and I were so lucky that day we walked up to your cat. This was the very best thing we did on the whole trip. It was better than the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty or even Niagra Falls. The crew were absolutely the best. Captain Krash and everyone made our time at sea perfect. What a way to remember a trip of a lifetime. We put so much planning into everything on the trip, and then this walk along the beach turned into a lifetime of memories of a wonderful day. My Friend Jan had recently lost her 34 year old Son in a Motor Bike Accident, and her emotions were high as we sailed along the beautiful sea. Through tears she was able to heal some deep wounds. The crew were unaware at the time, but seemed to blend with her feelings. We will be forever grateful and love you all. Justin, Good Luck at Uni. God Bless You All, Dianne and Jan Sailed Friday 28th September, 11.00 and 3.30 We sailed twice it was so good

 Hayley - Tue Oct 30 18:51:13 2007
hey guys, i just dropped by to say aloha and i miss you all tons! how have the first few months gone back in action? i can't wait until december! you're all stuck with me for a whole month :)

 On My Way... - Wed Oct 17 08:14:09 2007
Does anyone know what the old deck hand, Johnny, is up to these days??? - Sun Oct 14 05:32:12 2007
Dear John-John, I meet your brother Jean. He is here in Barrington, RI and he says Aloha from RI.

 Brad - Sat Sep 29 15:59:41 2007
Mario you have what it takes for sure I will send you to Hawaii but you will never replace the legend Capt Dave He will be missed

 Mary Ann Mills - Fri Sep 28 12:41:10 2007
Hi John John, so glad your back and up and running. Also glad you were able to celebrate Our Dukie's life. Good Luck and much Aloha from San Francisco. the whole family is here now having a great time. Hi Scott. Mahalo Mary Ann

 Bruce - Wed Sep 26 16:58:05 2007
Thank you PA and Scott for getting back with the information I sought on the title of that song by Danny Couch. True Aloha spirit and REALLY appreciated. Aloha

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Sep 26 13:38:19 2007
Yeah Bruce, PA is right. That is Danny Couch. His song has been used to promote Hawaii tourism for years and is often seen/heard in the boarding videos on airline flights bound for Hawaii. Another cool thing is that he lives a few floors down from me in my bldg. We run into each other from time to time in the elevator. He's extremely nice!

 A Friend from PA - Wed Sep 26 07:57:46 2007
Aloha! It is so-o-o-o special to see all the beautiful pictures. I can feel the sand between my toes and taste the salt air........hurry up June! The song that Bruce is wondering about is on a CD titled Almost Paradise by Danny Couch. Carol was so kind as to help me with the same info last year. Can't wait to sail again on that red and yellow boat! Aloha!

 Bruce - Mon Sep 24 15:46:19 2007
Scott: When I click on "Contacts and Links" there is the background music of a soloist singing a piece which could be titled "Have you seen the Islands" or "this is Aloha" My late wife Eunice loved that piece, and I would like to get a copy of it. Can you direct or help me? Aloha

 Dee - Mon Sep 24 02:15:05 2007
Glad to hear that Gord will be back to the beach soon! Hope the hip is fully recovered!

 Courtney - Sun Sep 23 10:49:38 2007
Gord i dont know if you saw but i wrote a msg for you too in the comment below

 Courtney - Sun Sep 23 10:47:41 2007
Hey Scott sorry it took me so long to reply, my summer was pretty good but i wish i could go to hawaii...i miss it i haven't been in almost 2 years, my brother was lucky he got to visit. Gord ahh wow are you ok? that sounds horrible and painful. I'm glad you are ok now tho, so you and fariyal are going in december? until when and whats the schedule with the kids? just wondering because i miss it and want to plan a trip out there.

 AJ - Thu Sep 20 16:21:33 2007
Had a great time last October. Will bring my daughter back in 2 weeks.

 Gord - Thu Sep 20 07:59:57 2007
If you are looking for pictures of me this past summer, there are none. I had to stay back in Calgary because of complications with my total hip replacement. I suffered blood clots and was placed on medication requiring weekly blood tests. In December, I return and stay for three months.

 Dee - Tue Sep 18 04:47:59 2007
I see lot's of Pics of Farial and the kids all summer. Where's Gord???

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Sep 12 19:49:44 2007
Aloha Courtney! It's been great! How was yours?

 Courtney - Wed Sep 12 15:42:02 2007
Hey Scott, haven't been on the site in access to internet in months.. so i see the boat is doing well.. how was your summer???

 Mario - Mon Sep 10 17:48:06 2007
I have what it takes to join your team on the Yellow Boat. I will be a great sailor and get along well with all of the visitors. I will ask my good friend Brad to send me to Hawaii. Goodbye for now.

 Joyce Weisinger - Fri Sep 7 11:42:05 2007
Get ready NaHokuII we are on our way. We picked up a trip and will be on the beach on the 8th of Sept. We have really missed riding on your roof. The other boats don't have one. That makes you different and special to us. Mahalo for all the past rides and in advance for the one tomorrow. We hope Krash is Capt. We haven't seen him in a few years.

 Paul and Shari and Stephanie - Mon Sep 3 15:31:30 2007
Best time of our life,can't wait to ride the waves with you this Xmas.Keep the mai tais flowing and the wind beneath your sails.

 Jay, Susan and Kyrstn - Sun Sep 2 16:16:43 2007
I have been riding the Na Hoku since 1991 and so has my family. John I am very pleased that you are back on the water. It would not be the same with your beautiful catamaran not on the beach. Hope to be there in the spring. Aloha from Abbotsford BC Canada. 604-807-2667

 Jamie Nugen end of August - Sat Sep 1 14:40:07 2007
The beer was plentiful and very cold! The female deckhand had the best tan I have ever seen in my life! (loves boats and sunshine and probably JohnJohn) The crew was NOT arrogant! Shugo talked, and even smiled! They let me stand up front the whole time! Best music! Best strategy is the complimentary bar, by far! See you this Christmas!

 Harold Ross - Wed Aug 29 15:50:12 2007
Ain't been there since 95 we knew the old boat well, don't know the new one but will be there thanksgiving; save us a turkey leg!!

 Suki - Tue Aug 28 20:40:40 2007
John John...I'm glad to hear you have Na Hoku sailing again. My very best to you, your crew and to Na Hoku. If you have my #, gimme a call when you have the time...We can talk story.

 linda from baltimore - Tue Aug 28 16:08:33 2007
aloooooooooohaaaaa! da Na Hoku II is back----- yay! we missed you!

 Marty Q - Tue Aug 28 06:42:28 2007
Capt John.....good to see you back on the beach!! See you in Feb!

 Cee - Tue Aug 28 04:10:32 2007
Any pics please of Dukie funeral?

 Donovan - Tue Aug 28 03:27:32 2007
sweet. ill be there sept 4th when i arrive for the sunset sail :D

 Erik - Tue Aug 28 01:58:36 2007

 Brewster - Mon Aug 27 16:29:20 2007
see you in early Novembere!!

 Brewster - Mon Aug 27 16:23:38 2007
Welcome back daddy......See you soon Luv, Your Son

 Cliff and Joan - Mon Aug 27 14:16:12 2007
Welcome back!!!!! Aloha and thank for the great time we had in April '06 it was the best part of the 2 days in Waikiki.

 R&L - Sun Aug 26 13:58:35 2007
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! We are SO Glad you're back. I'll be seeing you on my birthday next month!!!

 keico - Sun Aug 26 13:37:31 2007
aloha :) i just checked webcam. congratulation back to waikiki beacch!! i miss HI so much,hope come back HI soon.

 Hayley - Sat Aug 25 14:35:54 2007
AHHH!!!! I'm SO excited for you guys!!!! CONGRATS! I can't wait to get there and go on the boat! Miss you all tons!

 Nancy... - Fri Aug 24 08:01:42 2007
Wow! Just watched you come ashore on the Live Webcam! Wish I was there in person for this, but I can pretend!! Congrats and "Let the Fun Begin!" Memories, memories....See ya in June! Aloha...

 Joyce Weisinger - Fri Aug 24 07:31:03 2007
YEE HAW! It's about time. We were on the beach the 1st week of August and our trip just isn't complete unless we ride the BIG YELLOW BOAT. I will spread the good news to the rest of the Honolulu-bound Continental crews. See you soon. ALOHA AND MAHALO!

 JB - Thu Aug 23 08:03:03 2007
WHOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome, can't wait!!

 Rex - Thu Aug 23 04:22:03 2007
There's some good news! Been a long time since the Big Yellow Boat did what it does best. This should put a lot of smiles on the beach. Glad to see it's back.

 Mario - Wed Aug 22 15:12:27 2007
Very sad to hear big wave wont be on the big yellow boat He is an Icon around waikiki we will miss you Dave Good luck with your future endeavors

 Paul & Randy - Mon Aug 20 08:17:55 2007
Although the boat was not sailing when we were there on vacation, It was great to see the boat go out of the Harbor on August 11th! So happy to see the familiar red and yellow sails! We look forwrad to riding with you again next year. Way to go John and Carol. Cant wait to ride with you again!

 Carol - Sun Aug 19 14:56:36 2007
Jess, Sorry the boat was not working when you came here. I posted the date I was given and a couple other posting's but do not see them listed here anymore. The 15th was the date we thought we would be back, and why I said it was not incorrect, at least not at that time. It is our goal to be back as soon as possible, however, we stil have a few delays that we cannot control. It has been disappointing for all of us and again I am sorry we missed you. Hope to sail with you again soon. Mahalo

 Jess - TX - Sun Aug 19 11:14:06 2007
I don't know, you posted to everyone that June 15th was the day and it wasn't. Then, you didn't even let anyone know it was the wrong date. We came out on vacation on 7/22 expecting to be able to ride and there was no boat. We were very disappointed. I'd call that incorrect.

 Carol - Sat Aug 18 14:07:55 2007
Aloha friends....the info posted 2 months ago was not incorrect. We hoped to back by then but hit many snags that have again delayed our return and why I haven't posted another date since then. Will let you know when we are ready to sail. Mahalo for checking and hope you will all be sailing with us again soon.

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Aug 18 12:08:27 2007
Aloha Donovan, Sorry to you and everyone else for the incorrect info posted on the return date from over 2 months ago. The only answer right now is hopefully "very soon".

 Nan - Sat Aug 18 04:15:43 2007
I just ran across your site. I just wanted to let you know that my husband asked me to marry him while we were sailing on the Na Hoku in 1987. We just had our 20th anniversary last month. Lot's of great memories on your boat. If I get back to Honolulu, I will be back! Bless you and Aloha!

 Donovan - Wed Aug 15 15:53:55 2007
yea scott whats the deal they were talking about june 15th for a return how is it 2 months later you guys arent on the water yet? just wondering will it be done by sept 4-12 area you think?

 Suren from CA - Wed Aug 8 16:58:27 2007
So is it official, are you guys back in business? If not, when? I sincerely hope I can cruise with you guys again by the 22nd of this month. It was a sad dissapointment when we came in June and the boat was not ready. I'm sure it's been tough, and I hope all the hard work pays off soon!

 Kyle - Tue Aug 7 15:04:55 2007
Hey guys. Sorry the guestbook has been down so much lately. There have been a few problems that are now resolved.

 Rusty - Thu Aug 16 13:39:55 2007
Web Master can you please tell Carol and Erin Hello for me. I haven't seen them in over 7 yrs. Also tell Carol and Erin that Im sorry for everyhting. I have no other way to get ahold of them. Please thank you..

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Jul 27 18:02:31 2007
Yes Lej, Brother "Big Wave" Dave has moved to the Big Island. But it's all good, 'cuz it was a move he wanted to make, so personally, I am very happy for him. He didn't move to Mars though & will be around from time to time. He's an awesome guy that everyone loved, and he will be missed on the beach by many, many people.

 Lej - Sun Jul 29 17:01:00 2007
Did Dave leave Oahu?

 Rex - Sat Jul 28 03:02:46 2007
Glad to see that we have overcome those problems, now let's get the last little duck wet. Aloha

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Jul 27 18:02:31 2007
Aloha & Welcome Back!!

 Albert -Calgary - Tue Jul 10 16:05:54 2007
Aloha Cheeks....Thanks for the updates...can wait to see the new look...the beach hasn't been the some Nov.o6....let me know how you are doing...see you soon...I hope.

 andi - Mon Jul 9 08:19:24 2007
we sailed with you all last october and will be back late this summer...please be back!!! We had the Greatest time ever!!

 Carol - Sun Jul 8 15:30:19 2007
Aloha friends....we enjoyed our first time back to the beach but it was only for a brief moment, took some pic's which I am sending to Scott to post, and poof we were gone. We also have some pic's of our last Hooray for a day of fun in the sun with family and friends before, hopefully, coming back to the beach to work. That last little duck needs to get it's feathers wet and get in line! Thanks for all the messages, they keep us smiling. Aloha and Mahalo, Carol

 R & L - Sat Jul 7 15:31:18 2007
It's been WAY TOO LONG! We miss you ALL. We'll be hoping to see you in a couple of weeks and if not, in early August. Our best wishes to see you on the beach very soon!!

 Rex - Sat Jul 7 01:28:02 2007
Aloha Brewster... I was coming out by myself the first week of August, but if that last little duck doesn't cooperate within the next couple of weeks I most likely will cancel and go ahead and go to Sturgis and come back in March. Cold beer at both places and no worries!!! Can't wait to be back on the boat.

 Brewster - Thu Jul 5 15:03:08 2007
Thanks for the updates Carol. It's been a long time coming, but I am sure well worth the wait. All the best to you and John-John. Luv & Aloha

 Brewster - Thu Jul 5 15:00:57 2007
Hey Rex.........It's gonna happen soon. Can't wait. Hope to see you soon!!!!

 Rex - Wed Jul 4 00:11:07 2007
Aloha everyone, Have a safe and joyful Fourth of July and let's hope that the last of those ducks gets in line where it belongs and the big yellow boat back on the beach.

 Carol - Mon Jul 2 08:45:08 2007
Aloha friends.....sorry we missed the 15th for our return to the beach....(sad). We still have one duck to get into the row and thought for sure it would be in line by then. I will update again when we are ready. Mahalo for all the support, we very much appreciate it. Happy sailing....soon soon soon!

 Joyce Weisinger - Sun Jul 1 10:51:41 2007
I'm going to be on Waikiki tomorrow. Where's the boat? It's way past June 15th. Where's the Big Yellow Boat?!!!!!

 Donovan - Sun Jun 17 17:48:34 2007
Ive been looking for the past couple days i havent seen the boat yet it was supposed to be back at the beach june 15th? am i just looking at the wrong time or is there another delay?

 Joyce Weisinger - Fri Jun 15 07:09:39 2007
Great set of pictures of the new mast. I guess I can go back to Hawaii now that the boat will be back in operation. The beach isn't the same without the BIG YELLOW BOAT in the surf. I hope John ordered new sails for the "new" boat. CONGRATS.

 Carol - Tue Jun 12 14:52:08 2007
Update: The Mast is beautiful! Shiny boat yellow and big as life. I sent Scott some pictures and he will post them soon. Thought you would all like to see them. Aloha, Carol (smiling)

 Allie - Sun Jun 3 15:51:36 2007
Hey Everyone, I wish I had the oppertunity to ride the Na Hoku II before the death of Jordan. Jordan went to my school and I absolutely love Jordan. My heart goes out to my school and his parents and family. Jordan will always be in my heart and will always be loved. He was an awesome kid and I cant wait to see him again in Heaven!! The Na Hoku II sounds like an awesome boat. I cant wait for my chance to ride it. Hope to be coming out over the Summer. Hope its repaired by then. Other wise, next summer will do!!

 Tyree Hawaii June 22ish - Fri Jun 1 10:08:44 2007
Perfect Boat starts up just before i get in that great cant wait to ride again

 Rex/Ohio - Thu May 31 23:17:18 2007
That's what we all have been waiting to here. Let the good times roll.

 Carol - Thu May 31 11:10:06 2007
Aloha Friends, We have a date for our return to the beach....drum roll please....June 15th....(smiling). The mast has been shipped and is finally on it's way to us. We are looking forward to sailing with all of you again. I will keep you posted if anything changes. Happy sailing! Mahalo and Aloha, Carol

 kurk knutson - Tue May 22 11:40:23 2007
Hay whats up. Hope all is good ,Cant wait till you all get back on the beach. I know every one must miss you Except the other boats. But you will blow them away when you do get back on the beach. love you all , KURK KNUTSON

 Donovan - Fri May 18 09:47:13 2007
I might be headed out there around september what are the chances of it being done by then?

 Hayley - Wed May 16 18:17:39 2007
hey scott, hows everything going with everyone? i miss you all a ton and hopefully i'll be over for a week or two in september before i head off to college!

 Julia - Tue May 15 17:06:06 2007
i miss all you guys!! i need a ride, SOON. =] everything looks like its doing so much better

 Skip, Dan, Dusty, and the Crew - Mon May 14 13:32:41 2007
John-John..... we are patiently awaiting the next cruise and cant wait to get back in the saddle. Definitely the good times of old. See you guys soon.

 Sue - Thu May 10 11:27:53 2007
Aloha, I miss you's a long ways from there back here to Tennessee! AlohaSu

 Rex/Ohio - Tue May 8 23:40:00 2007
Great News. Best report in quite a while.

 CAROL - Tue May 8 10:28:39 2007

 Andrea from Canada - Sun May 6 06:59:24 2007
Hey John John and Shugo! Andrea and Brianne from Canada miss you guys and can't wait to sail on the Na Hoku II again soon. Shugo-do I need to tell you when I will be in Honolulu or will you be able to sense it, cuz I do have a trip good are you??? Can you tell me when I am coming? We wish you much love and Aloha and looking forward to the back to back cruises :) cheers!

 Mary Ann and Mallory --Pgh - Sat May 5 03:29:01 2007
Happy Birthday Rickey!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Rickey. Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you have a great day. Love The Girls

 Jenn - Mon Apr 30 09:29:58 2007
I just love the new pictures, and the running commentary under some of them is hilarious!

 Mark & Tina - Thu Apr 26 09:50:52 2007
Scotty, As much as we'd like to go out with you guys on Saturday if you're not sailing in 4 weeks, we'll head to Duke's or Tiki's for some refreshments. See you in 28 days. Who's counting???????

 Anonymous - Tue Apr 24 11:53:59 2007
Execuse mee plees for vis messaga posted from Norenbergen Shutgorto blin...

 Harold Ross - Tue Apr 24 06:00:06 2007
It saddens my heart to read about the accident. I have never been aboard the Na Noku II but have sailed many times on Na Hoku in the 80's, when I was younger and still thin, it was always the best part of our vacation. We are doing a nostalgia beach vacation in November and look forward to getting to know the Na Hoku II and its crew as well as we knew the first, I’m betten the days of dollar beers and my Mai Tai's are long gone, but Im sure its still the best bargain on the beach.

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Apr 20 09:43:35 2007
I dunno 'bout dat may want to read the above updates from the past 4 months.

 John Anter - Wed Apr 18 16:01:05 2007
I'm on my way, get the beer on ice we will be there Monday for ten days so you beter stock up!

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Apr 16 17:16:34 2007
About the 2 posts below...does anyone know French?, and if so, can you translate? HAHAHAHAHA! Also, Tristan, there was a non-drinking rate for all sails but the Sunset had to ask about it.

 ANNY FRANCINE - Mon Apr 16 07:39:15 2007
Bonjour,nous venons chaque année à Waikki pour 2 mois depuis 20 ans.nOUS SOMMES bELGES DE bRUXELLES ET QUELLE SURPRISE DE NE PAS VOUS VOIR à la plage en decembre 2006 nous sommes arrivées le soir de l'accident. Nous revenons l'année prochaine et esperons vous retrouver car nous prenons votre catamaran chaque année le jour de notre départ . Nous vous envoyons de gros baisers de Belgique et nous aimons bien John bien que lui ne nous connaisse pas8 Il voit tellement de monde!!!

 Tristan - Sun Apr 15 11:18:40 2007
I wish the boat wasn't all you can drink price. My wife and I are lucky if we have two beers,and both our kids are too young. Liked it much better with $1.oo Mai tais and $2.00 beers. Loved the boat.

 Iowa Girls - Thu Apr 5 13:24:37 2007
Hi Scott, We miss you guys, it has been over a year and wished we were hanging with you. We are sending business your way. Do we get a discount the next time we are in the islands? Aloha Jan and Lona

 teddy - Wed Mar 28 20:10:53 2007
yeah it is very sad so um when are you gutys goin to start sailing again??

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Mar 28 10:24:54 2007
Aloha Teddy, yes, it's been all over the news here. Very sad.

 teddy - Tue Mar 27 11:18:49 2007
scott have your heard about the maui catameran acident? say hi to john john

 Sherri - Fri Mar 23 08:32:41 2007
Aloha..will you guys be doing the booze cruise in May 07? I will be getting married and staying right at the outrrigger...

 Scott Webmster - Thu Mar 22 08:11:04 2007
Aloha Hayley! Excellent..look forward to seeing you guys What day are you in?

 Hayley - Sat Mar 17 10:38:30 2007
Hey Scott... glad to see that everything is making progress. i cant wait for the boat to be back in action..i miss it so much!! we're coming back over for spring break in a week or so....see you then?

 Tyree ~ on his way~ - Wed Mar 7 19:17:07 2007
*read name* Cant wait to see you all...Any chance the boat might be in the water before i leave hawaii?

 Mario - Sun Mar 4 21:57:36 2007
Hey Doc things are awesome get over here put the skates away sunset man

 The Good Doctor - Sat Mar 3 15:03:01 2007
Hello Big Wave!! Aloha!! It is time for a sunset cruise. Are you ready? Please let me know!

 Leanne Etsler - Wed Feb 28 17:01:46 2007
When I was growing up, the NaHoku was my second home every summer. I would spend all day on the boat with John and Crash. It was a blast. When I heard what had happened, I was devastated for everyone involved. I am glad to see things are getting back on track. I was so lucky to be able to grow up in "paradise" and I have so many fond memories of Hawaii and that famous red and yellow catamaran. I also tell people when they go to Hawaii to make sure they go for a sail on the NaHoku. I remember the first day I met John and his brother Gene on the beach and they invited us on board. Gene became a permanent fixture at our house from that day on. I just want to say best of luck to John and the crew. I have some friends who will be going to Hawaii in June and September and I will be sure to send them your way. Take Care and again best of luck. I cant wait to get back to Hawaii and back on the NaHoku. Aloha, Leanne (in freezing buffalo)

 Nancy & Reed - Wed Feb 28 09:02:29 2007
Aloha! We have sailed on "our red and yellow catamaran" (as we refer to the Na Hoku II) 12 times. We tell everyone we know who is visiting Honolulu, that it is a must. Our last wonderful sail with you was in June of 2005 with some of kids/grandkids. We will all be back in June 2008 to see her shiny and new. Thanks for all the special memories....old and new to come! Aloha from PA! (wish we were there NOW!

 123456 - Wed Feb 28 06:36:23 2007
Hi, this site is very nice...

 Tyree ~2 weeks till alohaaaaa - Tue Feb 20 21:40:38 2007
Hey Scott Could you do me a favor and Take a few pictures of the boat in the water especailly if its out in the ocean Cause im making a little thing for JJ if its possible Thanks (pics of crew too would be appreatiated) please E-mail me

 Courtney and Jessie - Wed Feb 14 12:50:30 2007
We were so sorry to hear about what happened to our beloved party vessel and crew!! We love and miss you all desperatly! Sending much love and wet kisses to all of you!! XOXOX- Courtney & Jess

 Becky - Wed Feb 14 10:51:03 2007
Aloha John the boat is looking great, Brianna and I cannot wait to get out there in April to see you guys. We miss everyone soo much. Oh yeah please tell Cissy that Brianna says Hi.

 Anonymous - Wed Feb 14 07:57:51 2007
Great site. Admin cool boy

 Andrea from Canada - Tue Feb 13 17:10:42 2007
I was in Hawaii in December and so bummed and concerned for John-john and all the crew when I found out what happened. I love that boat, its my favorite place to be in my favorite place to be :) I will be back in Hawaii in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to get back on the Na Hoku II! See you all soon, much love and Aloha~ Andrea

 Steve - Tue Feb 13 16:13:57 2007
I was bummed to not see Na Hoku II on the beach when I visited 2/1 to 2/5. I had people with me who had never been to Waikiki so I took them on one of the other cats and for me it just wasn't the same. They had a good time and so did I but I knew what was the best. Glad to hear everything is almost in order and no matter where she is parked on the beach I'll be on the best cat next time.

 John Anter - Tue Feb 13 12:52:32 2007
Aloha We had a great time on the boat. once we went out on it the first time we were back every day, and it was the last thing we did before we had to head back to Michigan. Mahalo can't wait to get back.

 Mark - Canada - Tue Feb 13 08:19:33 2007
The boat has brought pleasure to countless people from all over the world. All of you guys that have put in so much time getting the Na Hoku II back into shape deserve our gratitude. We will be there in a couple of weeks and have had our fingers crossed that we will be able to enjoy the boat and the crew again this year. Mahalo (eh?)

 Scott - Webmaster - Sat Feb 10 10:13:50 2007
Aloha Rex & Bruce, Yeah, Dave, Kawika & myself have been rigorously testing the coolers each day after working on the boat. We've cycled numerous cases of beer through them the past 3 weeks, also testing the icemaker in the process, but, in the interest of quality control, we feel more testing & use is required. It's not easy work, and can be time consuming, not to mention the effort of having to load it with ice & beer every day. It's a sacrifice though that must be made. We pray for strength.

 Debbie in NorCal - Sat Feb 10 09:41:27 2007
Woooohhooo I wish I could have been on the beach at the Outrigger listening to the Conch and cheering you all on!!!!! Da Big Yellow Boat is back...congrats to you all and may the winds be blowing in the right direction and may the icechest never be empty!! Thanks Scott for all of the great updates. We all needed to hear that everything is on the upswing!! Na Hoku II is and always will be the boat of Waikiki!! Cant wait to be back!!!

 Rex/Ohio - Fri Feb 9 10:46:42 2007
That's right Bruce, the rebirth of the Big Yellow Boat is not complete until the coolers have been stocked and emptied a couple of times. Of course Scott has probably got that under control.

 Brewster - Wed Feb 7 11:22:18 2007
See you soon Rex, on the BIG YELLOW BOAT!!!!

 Rex/Ohio - Sun Feb 4 01:21:55 2007
Excellent!!! at 5 degrees here this morning that is warm news. Keep the reports comeing, any ETA on the mast? That had to be a good feeling to be back in the water after all of the work you all put in. A lot of hard work in a short time.

 Ty~ Elated that shes back in the water! - Sat Feb 3 20:29:56 2007
Woo way to grind one out and get Nahoku back in the water i cant wait to see you guys during spring break. I'll be waiting to see you all once i get in town!

 Bev & Steve, NC - Mon Jan 29 21:01:35 2007
Mahalo for keeping us up to date on the goings-on of drydock. We missed the boat terribly when we were there for the holidays, and were stunned to hear about the tragedy. We pray for all that were on the boat that day, and for a speedy return to what you do best, showing people a great time in Hawaii! Aloha.

 cheryl cohan - Sat Jan 27 20:17:36 2007
dearest john john - as it says earlier by marilyn and bill - yo mean a LOT to our family and to so many around the world. - because of your love and joy of life and people. hang in - feel the aloha ... hope to see you soon, love from the big cold prairie ( hey - watch falcon beach - thats my town !)

 Vegas Sal. - Fri Jan 26 14:16:16 2007
Much, much mahalo Scott for the pics and great news! Everyone in da Na Ho Ku ohana needed it. Aloha John John and Dave. See you April 18. Keep going Scott with the news.

 Rex/Ohio - Mon Jan 22 00:48:20 2007
Great pictures, looks like she is on her way! Keep the updates coming, counting the days till March.

 Becky - Sat Jan 20 09:22:57 2007
Great Brianna and I are coming out their for spring break in April and the beach would not be the same without the boat, Please tell John that we miss him and cannot wait to get back home to Hawaii. Aloha Becky and Brianna

 Steve - Fri Jan 19 13:51:52 2007
Great news. I hope you guys are on the beach Feb.3 because I'm flying out for superbowl weekend.The beach won't look the same without Na Hoku II.

 Heather - Fri Jan 19 13:12:27 2007
I am truly sorry to hear of this accident. My thoughts are with the family and to the crew. When I was in Hawaii with my friend Katie in May we had the most amazing experience with the crew, I hope to visit again soon! Take care and wishing a safe and happy new year.

 Katie - Fri Jan 19 08:28:13 2007
I just read the story and I am in total shock. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. I have been on your boat a handful of times this year, and it breaks my heart that a tradegy like like would happen to such an amazing and commited group of people. I truly believe that in this time of adversity you will come out bigger and better than before.

 Tiffany courtney sisster from California!! - Wed Jan 17 15:14:03 2007
Hey how is everyone i herd what happend im in shock... my prayers are with all of you!! i couldn't make it this past year :[ i hope to see u all this comming december =]

 Rex/Ohio - Mon Jan 15 00:58:27 2007
Scott; thanks for the update. Best news in quite some time.

 Jo- Australia - Sun Jan 14 18:00:35 2007
We spent our honeymoon there in Nov '05. We tell everyone about the NaHoku and many friends have visited there since. All our love and best wishes sent your way so that you will return to the beach shortly. What a lasting memory to ride the Na Hoku. xx

 Laine - Fri Jan 12 14:30:51 2007
Webmaster ~ Has JohnJohn gotten back to the beach yet, either with a rental or the Na Hoku?? Sure hope so!!

 Mark & Tina - Thu Jan 11 09:04:08 2007
Hey Scotty, Just wanted to drop a note to say we'll be out at the end of May again and bringing our friend "Shrek." I'll e-mail you as we get closer. Hope all is good with the Na Hoku family. Looking forward to getting on the boat again.

 Joan and Cliff - Sun Jan 7 06:47:53 2007
Our ride on Na Hoku II was the best part of our brief stay in Waikiki this past April '06. We will be back next time, for sure. Aloha.

 Margaret - Fri Jan 5 06:51:47 2007
Dear John: I hope everything will soon return to normal for you and the crew. Just want you to know that we are thinking of you.

 Laine - Wed Jan 3 13:10:00 2007
Webmaster - any current news on the NaHoku??

 Bill & Marylin, Houston TX - Wed Jan 3 07:27:44 2007
Dear John; We want you to know John, that in the three decades that we have been coming to Waikiki, you and the Na Hoku have made our visits more meaningful and made them more pleasurable. We, our children and our grandchildren, treasure the memories of sailing off Waikiki on the Na Hoku catamaran. The Na Hoku and its crew, especially its captain John, have become icons on Waikiki beach to our family, the families of our friends and to countless other visitors. You have always blessed everyone with abundant Aloha. Your knowledge of Honolulu, the islands, the sea and the sunsets has always made our visits special as we discussed these aspects of Hawaii in our many conversations on the beach. We pray that you, your crew and the Na Hoku will soon return to Waikiki beach. Bill and Marilyn Smith Houston, Texas

 Suki - Tue Jan 2 13:06:28 2007
Lanakila and keep da smile. Things just happen....good with the bad. I'll be thinking about you with Aloha.

 Julia - Sun Dec 31 20:05:21 2006
Hey!! happy new year! i hope you guys can get down there soon to do some work. love you all!!!

 Bruce Iverson - Sat Dec 30 14:34:03 2006
Thanks Big Scott. I look forward to being on board soon. 12/29/06. Bruce Iverson

 Tom and Maureen, Calgary - Mon Dec 25 20:10:42 2006
Dear Friends, We have written JohnJohn a letter of encouragement and support to let him know how much he has enriched our Hawaiian vacations over the past twenty-five years. We invite you to let JohnJohn and the Nahoku 2 Crew know how much you want them back on Waikiki Beach spreading the Aloha spirit. Please write to: John Savio P.O. Box 88551 Honolulu Hi. 96815 Best wishes to all, Tom and Maureen, Calgary Alberta Canada

 Rex/Ohio - Mon Dec 25 01:13:45 2006
Aloha and Merry Christmas to the crew and all who have sailed with her

 Jerry & Deana - Fri Dec 22 09:02:26 2006
Aloha John John, Dave and crew. Soooo sorry to hear about the accident on the boat. Our prayers are with you and the family of the young boy. Look forward to sailing with again soon. Merry Christmas.

 Joyce Weisinger - Thu Dec 21 07:09:39 2006
Thanks for the update. I went to the beach on the 20th- no boat. I went on the 21st, again -no boat. I had no idea that there had been a tragedy. I finally asked a fellow crew member about the NaHoku and he filled me in. I was just sick. I feel so bad for everyone involved, especially for the parents of young Jordon. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you. Hang in there. We'll see you on the beach next month. Thanks for all the great rides. Sincerely, The Continental Airline Crews

 Debbie in NorCal - Wed Dec 20 17:51:26 2006
Scott, Thanks so much for the Na Hoku II update...Happy to hear things are on the upswing and looking forward to seeing all of you soon (22 months). Has the crew been able to all join John with the loaner Cat? What ever you do keep ahead of the Blue Catamaran!!! May you all have a wonderful Christmas and someday all involved with the accident will sleep with peace.

 Marty Q - Tue Dec 19 12:37:25 2006
Scott, thanks for the update, our thoughts and prayers have been with John, the crew and the young man's family since this tragic accident. We'll see you in February. Marty and Irene

 Laine - Sun Dec 17 18:39:17 2006
Webmaster ~ Thanks so much for the update - I'm sure it is very much appreciated by everyone............

 Laine - Fri Dec 15 19:35:17 2006
Webmaster - What has been happening in regard to the NaHoku and crew lately? Will they be sailing any time soon??

 teddy - Fri Dec 15 14:33:26 2006
sorrry about the acident and wat happend in it????

 Donovan - Wed Dec 13 22:25:17 2006
Sorry to hear about the accident its sad to hear. I hope for the best between the Na Hoku family and the family of the boy. Best wishes John John i hope all goes well and everyone get past this.

 Mark & Tina - Tue Dec 12 07:46:09 2006
We wanted to let everybody know that we're thinking of them and keep positive hope. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and with Jordan's family.

 Becky & Brianna in so cal - Sat Dec 9 13:00:44 2006
Aloha John John, Brianna and I are thinking about you and the crew. I heard about the accident on the na hoku and I must say that I am in complete shock. Our thoughts are with you guys and the family of Jordan. We really do miss you alot. We are planning a trip for Brianna's 16th birthday. I will make our trip around spring break. Aloha Becky

 Julia - Thu Dec 7 17:09:01 2006
I Love You Guys! Stay Strong!! and my heart goes out to Jordan's family, this was a very tragic accident.

 Courtney - Thu Dec 7 06:26:52 2006
I can't believe this was so unexpected and sad..I hope the best for everyone while going through this difficult time. <3

 Debbie in NorCal - Wed Dec 6 18:45:59 2006
Sadness for the family of Jordan and their loss...May you find peace sometime in the near future. I can't imagine the feeling of pain you must be going through but hope the wishes of all of the NaHuko II friends and family will let you know how much you are in our hearts and thoughts. To John John, Nabuko, Mike, Dave, Shugo and Nicholas, your Aloha spirit will guide you through all of this horrific time and you will land back on your feet calling us all back with the conch shell of the NaHuko II once again!! I have never seen any alcohol used by the crew and they have always exibited the utmost care and concern for all of the friends and family that has had the pleasure to board the best Cat on Waikiki.... Once again please accept my sincere wishes for peace for both Jordans family and the crew of the NaHuko II!!! Until we are together again, Aloha!

 Chelsea (canada) - Wed Dec 6 17:52:02 2006
Dear John John I'm thinking of you and your crew. I hope I get to see you next week.

 CALGARY Girl - Was on the boat on Dec.1st - Wed Dec 6 16:41:54 2006
I just wanted to make a note that it was a very terrifying freak accident. It was nobody's fault. Everybody was in complete shock and we did what we could. I feel first and foremost sympathetic to the Parents/Family of Jordan. The crew did what they could. The sounds of the mother's cries and the looks in everybody's eyes that day (especially the crews) are very haunting. I send everybody that was a witness to this horrific day strength.

 Bruce & Barb - Wed Dec 6 04:41:39 2006
Our thoughts and prayers are with all involved in this unforseen tragedy. Knowing the crews love for children and concern for safety, this must be very devastating. May God and the Aloha spirit get you through this. Stay strong and take care.

 Laine - Tue Dec 5 17:55:33 2006
The hearts of hundreds of people scattered far and wide,are hurting ~ first of all for the family who lost their son, and then for the NaHoku "family". They are all being kept in the thoughts and prayers of those many hundreds of hurting hearts.............

 Steve - Tue Dec 5 15:27:48 2006
since my first post on Dec.2nd i've felt such a profound sense of sadness and spirituality related to this tragedy.So many snippets of my life over a long span of going to Hawaii with the Na hoku II in many of my memories. My young son at 3,lost loves,meeting many good people, the turtles,the only breaching whale that I have ever seen in the open ocean. I was at one time that young person enjoying the rush of big waves and galing wind while on board.Things happen in life and it's a beautiful journey that we should all live to it's fullest.

 Paul & Michelle Port Ludlow WA - Mon Dec 4 21:14:58 2006
Our hearts go out to the family and capt. and crew. Our prayers are with you all. We met each other aboard this wonderful boat in 1998 and married the following year. This boat has been very special to us in so many ways. We look forward to seeing you all back on your feet soon. To the Mother and Father of Jordan, please know that your lives will be a testimony and though nothing can replace your loss, our lives are touched as well as the lives of others. God Bless you and keep you and confort you at this very sad time.

 Bonnie and Dennis, Calgary, Canada - Mon Dec 4 15:40:21 2006
To Captain John and All Members of the Crew, Half a world away...we are shocked and saddened by the tragic events of Friday, which resulted in the sudden death of one of your passengers.Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult and trying time. We know that the coming days and weeks will be very difficult for it will for the family members of the young boy who was lost. May your Aloha Spirit fortify you and may you always remember all of the care, hospitality and fun you shared with visitors who came to sail with you over and over again. On our numerous rides in the "yellow school bus"...we always felt safe in your capable hands, high above the waves. We have you in our hearts and hope that the search for information about this unfortunate event reveals truth and allows for a path to recovery for all. We will continue to hold fond memories of our times on the Na Hoku II and will continue to visit your website often. We hope that the support of loved ones and friends helps you cope with the many impacts of this accident. Warm Regards........Bonnie and Dennis, Calgary, Canada

 Heidi from Cali - Mon Dec 4 15:18:52 2006
I and my family and friends have all sailed with the Na Hoku II back to 1993 - many times. I have only the BEST memories of our times aboard. I too have the UTMOST confidence in the craft and the crew and know this was a totally unforseen accident. I knew the family as they were long time patients in the dental office I manage. My heart goes out to the family, the crew and all who are close to the accident. I will look forward to another time and place when I can enjoy more great times aboard. Til then, I will be thinking of you all. Aloha

 Rex/Ohio - Mon Dec 4 01:08:10 2006
My wife and I can only remember the good times aboard the Nahoku II , we can only try to imagine the sorrow and grief the families involved and the crew must be dealing with. We have the utmost respect and confidence in the crew and captain. Until we sail again, Aloha , and you are in our hearts

 Hayley - Sun Dec 3 17:37:45 2006
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone right now. I love the whole crew from the bottom of my heart.. you guys are like my second family. I hopefully I will see everyone in a few days.

 Lisa - Sun Dec 3 15:24:38 2006
Prayers to the families of all those affected by this tragedy. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. To John John and the crew that day, may God hold you in the palm of his hand through the difficult days ahead. This was a tragic accident. As someone who has sailed with you through some pretty rough seas, there is no one else I would trust so completely with my safety and that of my family. We will be back to Oahu for our anniversary and expect to travel with you again. Fair winds and following seas. Much love from the mainland.

 Dale from Iowa - Sun Dec 3 09:28:12 2006
In response to Hazel ~ I've been riding John-John's boats over 25 years, and I've never seen a crew member have a drink while sailing. It sounds like just an unfortunate accident, and our thoughts go out to the family and crew!!!

 Hazel - Sun Dec 3 08:37:29 2006
Well it's a tragedy what has happened. Our prayers go out to the family of the poor child who lost his life. I only hope that this was some unforseen accident and that alcohol did not play a part.

 Hulagirl - Sun Dec 3 08:33:53 2006
Fist I would like to say that "my sympathy goes to the family that was affected by this awful accident". And secondly to John John and those who were working on this day. "you are in our prayers" We have sailed the Na Hoku 1 and in recent years the Na Hoku 2 since and always have and will continue to sail with you! Be strong and keep the faith. Aloha!!

 Debbie Packard-Whitney - Sat Dec 2 13:03:20 2006
DearCaptain & Crew, You are in my heart & prayers. Think good thoughts, and know that many a mainlander hold the spirit of the Na Hoku II in their hearts and memories. We've sailed many times, and will be back again. Aloha. Deb, Tab, Gus, & Keller

 Steve - Sat Dec 2 08:10:03 2006
As a long time traveler to Waikiki I want the crew to know that my thoughts and prayers are with them.The Na Hoku II and the original Na Hoku were always part of my trips from 17 years old to being a middle age beach troll.I always had a great time and felt welcome and safe .Hope that you are back on your feet soon because I'll be there in Feb. and I want to be on that Cat.

 Hayley - Thu Nov 30 16:21:37 2006
Haha. Im sure you are... whatever. I'll find a REALLY good way to get you back when you least expect it... so just be prepared!

 Scott - Webmaster - Thu Nov 30 10:27:56 2006
Aloha Hayley! I sure am!!! JJ recently bought an icemaker for the boat. I can't wait to show you the fine product it produces!!! ;-P

 Hayley - Mon Nov 27 21:04:03 2006
18 days. Aren't you excited to see me Scott?! Hahaha..

 Debbie in NorCal - Sun Nov 26 02:53:51 2006
Nabuko, Thanks for watching my nephews board in Oct...I will wear my Na Huko II shirt in front of the blue Cat next time I'm there so you guys fill up first!!! Thanks for the great times everyone....count down 694 days till I'm back drinking mai tias on the Na Huko Cat on the Island!!!!! Miss you all!!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Nov 22 12:17:36 2006
I dunno's working for me ok. Could be a connection issue on your end. You have Windows Media Player?

 Mario - Tue Nov 21 16:59:25 2006
Web Man Can't get the web cam going I just get a blank screen

 Rex/Ohio - Tue Nov 21 00:43:19 2006
Brewster; I get off the plane at 3:30 on Sat the 17th of March and hope there is room on the sunset cruise. Can't wait, hope the weather is better than last year, but if not the beer is still cold and the scenery beautiful.

 Brewster - Mon Nov 20 18:08:44 2006
HEY REX>>>>>>>>>>> What are your dates in March? Can't wait to suck em up with you!!! I will be there until Mar 21. Bruce

 Courtney - Mon Nov 20 09:37:30 2006
Aww..i miss u HAWAII lol

 Rex/Ohio - Mon Nov 20 00:52:18 2006
Snowing this morning, sure makes March seem like a long ways away. I guess for now I will have to just watch the boat on the web cam and drink a beer for practice.Aloha

 Hayley - Sun Nov 19 20:53:46 2006
Less than a month until i'm home!!

 ALBERTO -THE GREAT,- CALGARY. - Sat Nov 18 15:00:40 2006

 Mario - Thu Nov 16 02:14:38 2006
Greetings and Aloha from North Carolina It was suuny and 25 saturday poolside brought back memories of Hawaii and the Nahoku ll The good Doctor was at his best and a good time had by all Miis ya Big wave see ya soon

 Jen from MN - Thu Nov 2 06:13:36 2006
Aloha everyone! I sure am missing Hawaii right now. We've jumped right into winter in Minnesota. High's in the 30's, lows in the teens. We've even had snow a few times. Can't wait to be back at the beach!

 Lisa - Wed Nov 1 11:11:01 2006
Can't wait to get back there Nov. 10th to ride the yellow boat again! Last September I stayed at the Outrigger for a week by myself and took the big boat out almost everyday. You guys sure know how to show a gal a good time! :) This time I am on my honeymoon. See ya in a week!

 Courtney - Fri Oct 27 04:39:33 2006
Hey's everything going?? What's the web cam problem?

 Mario - Fri Oct 27 00:38:09 2006
Keith enjoy your trip in Nov Big wave will let you take the wheel its a blast hope marry poppins shows up for you Aloha

  - Thu Oct 26 23:38:49 2006

 Keith Richards - Thu Oct 26 18:04:54 2006
I have heard so many positive things about the sunset cruise that I think we will all try and come aboard in November! Hopefully the skipper will let me take the big wheel once we get going. Aloha!!

 Brewster - Thu Oct 26 11:16:41 2006
For every 12 people that send in $25 that gives us one month of the live cam.....If we have enough respond (144 people) that gives us a years of the live cam. Don't you think we have a 144 fans in "Da Nahoku Club" Come on guys.............RESPOND Mahalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Thu Oct 26 08:54:33 2006
Aloha Brewster, and mahalo for da kine kokua, but unless they get realistic about the webcam fees ($25 a month I could swing....$300 a month, no chance) I would never expect anyone else to shoulder that burden. It was great while we had it, but, things change. One never knows what might happen down the road though. Mahalo Everyone!

 Anonymous - Thu Oct 26 04:27:42 2006
Webmaster says web cam is $300.00 a month----so is the $25.00 a month also?????

 Brewster - Wed Oct 25 13:14:54 2006
Hey Listen up.....We all enjoy this site and there is plenty of us to do this. If everyone would agree to send Scott a check for $25 to cover the cost of the other cam we are all so use to watching, we could all feel at home again. He does a great job and doesn't ask any body for anything. If you are in agreement with this, leave a msg. on the web site. With enough responses I am sure Scott will post an address where we can all send our Checks. Mahalo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Mike Hope - Wed Oct 25 07:27:31 2006
Eh, John-John. Sending my good sister Sherrill out to say "Aloha", tomorrow. Show her a good time e malama pono. Me ke Aloha Pumehana

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Oct 22 10:11:51 2006
Aloha Everyone!! Well, we now have a new Waikiki Beach live webcam stream. It's not what we had before (they want $300 a month for that now...NO can!), but the new one is free & is better than nothing. Also, I lost a lot of pix data due to an internal hard drive issue recently. So the next album going up will be pix from the past 2-3 weeks only....sorry!

 Anon - Sat Oct 21 17:32:43 2006
Thanks for the info - great news!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Oct 21 10:04:25 2006
Thankfully, no. Just a day without power & water. We were very lucky.

 Anonymous - Fri Oct 20 09:46:18 2006
Webmaster ~ any damage in Oahu from earthquake?

 Anonymous - Tue Oct 17 17:47:17 2006
Everyone......keep Hawaii in your thoughts

 Anonymous - Tue Oct 17 17:41:43 2006

 Mario - Tue Oct 17 16:29:07 2006
Where was the A dmiral when the earth shook

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Oct 16 09:31:20 2006
Hi Everyone, Yeah, we had a nasty one yesterday morning....I've never felt a 30 story concrete & steel bldg rock & roll like mine (& everyone else's around here) hell of a way to wake up for sure. The whole state lost power & water for about 15 hours, cell service was almost non-existant due to the heavy use by people on all 8 islands here plus the cell companies were on backup power as well, and, it was rainy & crappy the whole day as well, so all in all, a really FUN way to spend a Sunday!!

 teddy - Mon Oct 16 09:16:39 2006
same ii hope u guys r ok

 Julia - Mon Oct 16 04:09:43 2006
Hey. are you guys all okay? i heard it was a pretty nasty earthquake. i hope everythings been good.

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Oct 14 10:43:06 2006
Hey All! Always still looking for Hawaii/Nahoku II trip pix for the website. If you have any you'd like posted, email 'em on over ya?

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Oct 7 13:47:51 2006
Anne....use the contacts/links page. You can email for any info you need.

 SLUGO - Fri Oct 6 08:49:45 2006
Thanks Percey how are things up that way when are you hitting Dukes again

 anne - Wed Oct 4 18:50:39 2006
Can't fine phone number on website...yikes!! Aloha Anne

 Julia - Wed Oct 4 08:02:43 2006
scott!!! i miss the webcam. i hope it works soon. I MISS YOU GUYS!!

 Percy - Sun Oct 1 18:57:08 2006
Slugo, he is getting ready for the World Series!

 Greg - Thu Sep 28 16:25:05 2006
Where did Danny go

 Mario - Thu Sep 28 16:23:01 2006

 Mario - Thu Sep 28 16:22:21 2006
you can only say a miral

 SLUGO - Thu Sep 28 16:21:41 2006
Has anyone heard from the A man lately I miss his humor

 Patrick (Chicago) - Wed Sep 27 07:39:02 2006
Shugo, Missed you on the boat last week. Nobuko told me you were in England. I'm not sure if you saw it but they showed you recently on "Dog the Bounty Hunter" -- very cool. Thanks Nobuko for taking good care of me and my friends on the boat. They had a great time. Catch you guys next time.

 shugo - Wed Sep 27 06:15:38 2006
Can I still work on the boat by the way? Has John john hired new crew yet? Hope there is still a spot for me!!!! I had such a great vacation but my home's Hawaii!!!! Can u also ask Mike or Claudio if they can work this weekend for me? jetlag!!!! I'll call them too!!!! I'll see you all soon!!!!!

 shugo - Wed Sep 27 06:09:58 2006
hey scott!!!! hahaha!! Yes I do need a ride if you don't mind!! I'll call you when i get back to sanfransisco on Friday around 2pm!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Sep 26 18:38:16 2006
Shugo? Who is Shugo?? Oh yeah...wait a minute, I remember him....he was that muscle-bound dude that worked on the boat a while back before he took off for Florida and Europe. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Hope you're having a great time over's the weather?? Also, remember to email me if you need an airport pickup!

 teddy - Tue Sep 26 16:34:41 2006
lolol scott so ask him if he has aim i guess he dnt kno wat aim stand for aloha ill be back in feb

 shugo - Tue Sep 26 13:30:45 2006
Miss all you guys loads, and the boat. Being on there is like home =]. Definatly coming back next summer!

 Ty - Mon Aug 28 14:28:57 2006
Hey some of my pics are up Scott why dont you put up the one of me and Shugo

 Julia - Mon Aug 28 13:23:43 2006
i love the new pictures, they're very funny! i miss you guys!! i wore my black shirt today to school =] see you next summer

 Specter - Mon Aug 28 00:37:07 2006
HI! My friend said, that it's good site. It's really so! Thanks. GL.

 Richard - Sat Aug 26 20:10:35 2006
Hey Fariyal, just wanted to say that it was nice seeing you again after two years since I was last on the Na Hoku II. Once again you were the most gracious host. Looking forward to my next visit. Here is my e-mail address -

 Courtney - Fri Aug 18 04:34:55 2006
Hey Scott hows things going down there on the boat?? I hope you are all having a blast!

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Aug 16 17:10:11 2006
Mahalo Jackie!! I hope all is well with you & I look forward to your next visit....don't forget that CD for me either girl! AlooooooooHaaaaaaaaaaa!

 "jackie o" - Tue Aug 15 20:27:14 2006
oooooh my. i am very excited about the new pictures, good work scott!

 "Jackie O" - Sun Aug 13 08:23:44 2006
scott, i dont see my pictureee. haha, you better get working on that. i'll miss you guys today!

 Courtney - Sun Aug 6 19:48:22 2006
Hey hayley whats going on i was trying to leave u a comment on myspace but i couldn't find u all through my friends list.. omgosh i wanna go to hawaii this year so bad but its not a for sure thing yet also do u have aim?

 Hayley - Sun Aug 6 11:51:43 2006
Haha no ice this time.. I decided that. But I think my parents are staying for over a month at christmas... we are coming out on Dec. 14th I believe.. and I think I am coming back like 2 week later or something. It should be fun.

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Aug 6 09:12:52 2006
Yeah Jim....the surf has been ridiculous the last week or's been short days or no days sailing. Should improve today though.

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Aug 6 09:10:51 2006
Aloha Hayley!!!! Miss ya' girl...look forward to seein' you at Xmas...I got some SPECIAL Ice just waitin' that's got your fanny's name ALL over it! ;-)

 Hanna - Sun Aug 6 08:01:08 2006
Hehe of course it was his idea...never thought anything else...know him pretty well by now haha. Was half way kidding about that...don't really care that much about what it says as long as I know how it is. Sweden has been pretty damn good today i must say....been chilling in the pool with my family and we just had a bbq so right now it's all good...hope u'll have a great day today! xoxo!

 Capt Jim - Sun Aug 6 05:41:23 2006
How are things Big Wave I hear it has been to rough to sail for a few days Things are good over here and west side marios reminds me of Dukes miss the boat see ya soon

 Hayley - Sat Aug 5 20:39:34 2006
Hey... hows everything over there? I can't wait to come back at Christmas! I miss everyone so much! Tell everyone aloha for me and give them big hugs for me!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Aug 5 17:04:37 2006
Hey Shaleen!!!!!!!! Ya girl, I couldn't keep that off the's too good of a, I realy didn't like u-know-who saying it had to go. My rules, so it stays. Hope to see you back here someday soon and I also hope all is well back there! Aloha!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Aug 5 17:02:04 2006
AloooHaaaaaa Hanna!!! Sorry Sweden is sooooo boring...but, you'll be back "home" soon. And I'm ALL over going NS wit chu' guys again! As for Shugo's crew pic caption....dat wuz his idea...not mine. I'll ask him if'n he wants to change it though. C U Soon! xoxoxoxox :-P

 Shaleen - Sat Aug 5 16:50:10 2006
ALOHHHHAAAAAAA SCOTTT! I'm so happy you put that picture back on the website. I love it!! I hope to see you soon. Mahalo and lots of love!!

 Hanna - Sat Aug 5 13:12:22 2006
Hey Scott! What's up in Hawaii? I'm in Sweden visiting my family...boring as hell...miss home a lot. When I come back let's go to NS again OK? And please, please change the caption for Shugos pic to something other than "single and lookin'" since we all know he's not anymore ;) Tell everyone I say hi! Love love!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Thu Aug 3 08:00:03 2006
Hey Courtney, As far as I know...I'm here forever! HAHAHAHA! Things are good here, except the surf's really been high the past few days...which means no sailing. That kinda sucks...

 Courtney - Thu Aug 3 06:57:06 2006
Hey scott whats going on u still in hawaii right?? ..'til when? i miss it so much

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Aug 1 17:05:44 2006
Hey There Mark & Tina!!! Howzit? You guys headed back this way already? Right on! Send me some pix of Tina's "new look" ya? AloooooHaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Aug 1 17:04:04 2006
Aloha and back 'atcha Shaleen! It was great having you guys around! I hope to see you again soon! I'll get some CD's together & I'll send them back with Erik. I'll also post that pic back to the album in a week or so.

 Shaleen! - Tue Aug 1 10:03:33 2006
ALOHAAA! Scott it was great having you show my family around in Honolulu we had an awesome week and will never forget you! we are backk in calgary now but will hopefully be seeing you sometime soon again.. take careee and dont forget to send me some of those cds! haha! say hello to my family and shugo and johnjohn for me! mahaLo and see you soon!

 Mark & Tina - Tue Aug 1 09:59:27 2006
Hey Scotty (Kahuna)!!!! How's things on the island. Thanx for posting the pix I sent. Way cool. Take it easy and we'll see you soon.

 ALBERTO - Fri Jul 28 16:10:54 2006

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Jul 28 14:11:06 2006
Aloha Gang! Sorry for the issues with the Guestbook the past 10 days or's all set now! Ps...Keep emailing me any trip/boat pix you may have taken while you were here. Mahalo Nui! Scott

 CHRISTINA AND KASARA - Tue Jul 18 21:41:31 2006

 Courtney - Tue Jul 18 12:53:03 2006
Hey everyone...this is the time of year when i really start to miss hawaii things arent looking good for a vacation this year... if i dont make it out there this christmas then most likely i will be comming out next summer for the first time i love it there!! including all the people and the boat is the best!! also hey to all you lucky people who are there right now! :)

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Jul 9 10:05:40 2006
Hey Gang.....I'm always lookin' for trip pix for new photo albums from when you were here. Email 'em on ovah ( if ya' gots any! Mahalo!!!!

 Joel, Jennifer, Blythe and Claire--San Diego June 26,2006 - Mon Jun 26 15:34:53 2006
Na Hoku II and Crew, Thanks so much for a great cruise in Waikiki. We had a super time, the crew was great, the boat was very stable, and our kids loved it! Thanks for the stop to swim in the crystal blue waters...we even got the kids in the water! Many Mahalos, JB

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Jun 21 11:14:35 2006
Aloha there Mark & Tina! It was awesome seeing you guys again! Tina, I hear that everything went well & that we'll be seeing "more of you" next trip! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Jun 21 11:12:58 2006
Tim: It's 54 with crew

 Tim - Mon Jun 19 10:47:29 2006
Can anyone tell me what the seating capacity is on the Nahoku II? Mahalos

 Gloria from Michigan - Thu Jun 15 10:48:11 2006
Alooohaaa!! I have been to Oahu five times, and absolutely adore it (especially around Waikiki area). Cheeseburger in Paradise, Duke's, Blue Hawaii Show at Beachcomber, my favorite hotel: Pacific Beach!! Just want to send some alooohaaa!!

 Terry - Wed Jun 14 13:53:36 2006
This just makes me wonder why I didn't move there when I had the chance...RRRRRRRRR!!!!!

 Ty - Tue Jun 13 03:35:38 2006
ya your right not till the tenth but imstill gonna blow some works probbaly off in the Nshore but meh if not ill have to come for new years then

 Gord - Tue Jun 13 07:10:12 2006
Hey Tyree, the word on the street is that you won't be in Honolulu until the 10th of July. So you will miss the fireworks like Erik. Kryssy and I will blow some for you.

 Tammy - Mon Jun 12 09:59:24 2006
Your webcam rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Ty Few days left!! - Sun Jun 11 10:08:14 2006
Hey all im on my way soon so get ready to party kay! oh and Scott are you gonna be there? (why do i even have to ask i know you are :D )

 Mieko - Fri Jun 9 09:11:31 2006
Hi Uncle John, its Mieko, your niece Krista's friend. Nice page. See you soon! Aloha

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Jun 9 08:31:41 2006
Sorry for the guestbook problems...all fixed now!

 Kimo-Brew - Wed May 24 12:01:52 2006
Webmaster you hit the nail on the head..I will call you this week.

 SAM - Tue May 23 11:28:45 2006
Had a great couple of hours on the boat. We will be back next year!!!! Queensland, NZ

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue May 23 08:21:00 2006
Aha! Gotcha Kimo...."book 'em" ya?

 Rachel in Austin - Mon May 22 21:14:59 2006
Hi Na Hoku II! Love da big yellow boat. I'm a first timer and had soooo much fun. I will definitely be back. Also, tried the Makani too since there was a post on your guestbook for Xcape but I have to say the Na Hoku II is so much better. Aloha....Rachel

 Kimo - Mon May 22 16:01:29 2006
Hey Scott.......Guess who Kimo really is? Think Cubs Brah!!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat May 20 03:39:16 2006
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Right On Kimo! I was justa 'bout ready to say the same thing, but have been otherwise occupied this week.

 Ty in Canada - Fri May 19 19:38:00 2006
..we are...notice my post but hey dont worry :D i forgive da oversite, and ya no more askin emails just look below...

 Kimo - Fri May 19 16:44:26 2006
Hey why don't u guys exchange e-mails instead of using this web-site as your chit chat headquarters?

 Ty - Canada - Thu May 18 13:32:10 2006
Add me here im there on July 3rd YES!!

 gbabi - Thu May 18 10:55:50 2006
heyy ty i came down to hawaii recently and i want to come back, do you go done alot?! i have myspace... go to my scn is gbabi882 ifthat doesn't work!! talk to you soon hopfully

 Ty in Canada - Mon May 15 18:40:40 2006
Ya I do; im not sure if he does, do you have a Nexopia? if not just search us up ( then search Tyree808 Hes on my page x.erik.x (or sumthing like that)

 SkiBum101 - Mon May 15 14:20:35 2006
yo Ty... do u or erik have myspaces or anything?

 Linda in baltimore - Thu May 11 15:04:06 2006
aloha john-john, this is gene's friend linda from baltimore,it was great to be back in hawaii for a visit after living in waikiki the 80's-- just wanted to thank you for the most awesome sunset cruise my ohana went on last summer on the na hoku II. my 2 kids, mom and i were there on 8/9/05. it was my son's 11th birthday. we went on the sunset cruise that night and everyone sang happy birthday to him on the boat. it was great!i was very sick with cancer the year before and made a pact with myself that if i made it--- i had to make sure my kids got to hawaii. some things in life are wake up calls and makes you realize what is really important in your life... my 2 kids occaisionaly tell the story about the "booze cruise" now and how awesone it was(but of course they were only drinking soda)... the dolphins were swimming next to us for a while, the sunset reflecting over the ocean was the most beautiful and peaceful is something you cannot capture in a picture. ...not to mention we had so much fun with the crew and the music and meeting new people...thanks for sharing your aloha with us. and thanks for a memory of a lifetime.

 Ty-Canada-few days till Vaca - Wed May 10 17:51:38 2006
Hey Guys only a few days till i get out there...aww no eric for the 4th? then who am i gonna blow off fireworks with then? hehe Krys lol annnyway can't wait for summer

 Gord - Wed May 10 08:55:47 2006
Glad to finally be able to logon to the Guestbook. For some reason at home, comments cannot be made. Here at work things are okay. Krys and I return on June 30th and Fariyal and Erik arrive on July 9th as stated below. Until then.......

 Gord - Wed May 10 07:03:28 2006
For all of you missing Erik, he will return July 9th for the whole summer.

 Sarah in L.A. - Mon May 8 19:58:25 2006
Dang...Shugo is hot! Can't wait to ride da big yellow boat in July. Miss you guys.

 Pond - Wed May 3 03:09:07 2006
The "Return" Summer 06'. Girls be ready to party and sail. Pond and G- Unit will be back. Na Hoku II Rocks!

 CHEEKS - Wed May 3 00:11:58 2006
Hey Alberto the ya back baby!! Cheeks

 Ty - Fri Apr 28 19:44:15 2006
Im like his best buddy lol, we go to hawaii every chance we get :P hes like my bro

 NYSKiGirl - Fri Apr 28 02:15:20 2006
hey how do u know him?

 Ty - Wed Apr 26 19:40:51 2006
Ya i know him he'll be out ther during summer vacation, july-augustish kay?

 California Gurl - Wed Apr 26 14:42:01 2006
I agree NYSki, he's totally hot!!!!! Hope to see him this summer! XOXOXOXOX Anyone know when he's there????

 Ty - Tue Apr 25 18:05:39 2006
Lolz at that comment, have you seen me? ,jk you know em?

 NYSkiGirl - Tue Apr 25 12:35:58 2006
erik madd cute :-)

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Apr 24 06:43:10 2006
Naaahhhh....I said I'd delete sales spam, gossip or negativity...different strokes, right?

 PLUMBER - Sun Apr 23 15:44:52 2006
Scott that one has to go

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Apr 23 14:09:17 2006

 Brad - Sat Apr 22 21:50:59 2006
Your website is appealing. Be encouraged to do the work of the Lord.

 Cliff and Joan - Sat Apr 22 14:28:00 2006
The NaHoku II trip was a real highlight of our stay in Waikiki! It was a WILD ride and lots of fun! Ma-ha-LO!

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Apr 19 14:35:46 2006
AloooooooooooHaaaaaaaaaaaa Johnny!!!!!!! Thanks for the site info...very nice. I sent you an email...miss ya brah, we'll be catching up very soon I'm sure!

 Johnny - Wed Apr 19 14:00:58 2006
oh and you should check out my website @ its my first try so dont make fun

 Johnny - Wed Apr 19 13:40:57 2006
Hey scott i dont have your info any more so i thought i would try this. just wanted to say hi and how r u. if u can email me some time i would love to hear from you ive been incredibly busy lately and im sorry we havent talked sooner but i just dont have any free time any more hope to talk to you soon Capt. Johnny

 Super Mario - Mon Apr 17 19:18:20 2006
I hope everyone had a good Easter. We will see you soon David! Keep on smiling, see you soon!

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Apr 15 10:58:30 2006
Uh....yeah...that must be it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

 Ty - Fri Apr 14 08:04:29 2006
haha funny lol i been watchin da boat from the webcam, doesnt look to busy, all the ladies must know im still in canada ;P

 Anonymous - Tue Apr 11 09:05:54 2006
Courtney, are you going to HI this Christmas? If so I will c u there.

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Apr 11 02:59:39 2006
Thanks for the warning!

 Ty - Mon Apr 10 11:20:32 2006
Hey just an Update from here in canada only a few more months till ya got me back out ther

 Alberto - The Great - Thu Apr 6 18:11:41 2006
Hi Cheeks,-I love you & miss you.

 Elle - Wed Apr 5 06:27:22 2006
Mahalo John and Nabuko for a great ride recently.

 Mai Tai Mike - Tue Apr 4 11:54:21 2006
The boat cruise was the last thing we did before departing Hawaii, and what a way to end a vacation..GREAT crew, great drinks and great fun..My cousin has been dreaming of Shugo since she left. Looking forward to next year,,Aloha & Mahalo

 Jen from MN - Tue Apr 4 10:12:07 2006
What's going on with the weather?!? I was planning to do next years Waikiki trip in March next I'm having second thoughts and might have to stick with Jan-Feb. again.

 teddy - Sun Apr 2 17:30:08 2006
webmaster tell nobuko and shugo teddy said hi and tellme what they say aloha n mahalo

 Courtney - Wed Mar 29 17:38:05 2006
yay my pics r finally up there from christmas haha thanks scott!!

 JFK from Cape Cod - Tue Mar 28 13:25:21 2006
Had an awesome time! The best boat on Waikiki beach!

 Rex/Ohio - Tue Mar 28 13:16:43 2006
Had a great week on the boat last week , rain or shine. The umbrella came in handy daily. The beer was cold and the weather was warm. Met Bruce on several of the cruises and shared a few tales. Nobuko caught a 25 pound fish on one of the cruises and we spotted several whales . All in all a good escape from Ohio. Aloha

 teddy - Tue Mar 28 12:37:58 2006
hey webmaster tell nobuko and shugo i said hi and tell me what they say aloha

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Mar 27 15:07:47 2006
Two new pix albums up....check 'em out!

 Mark - Sun Mar 26 09:30:39 2006
Great site. Music is awesome. The boat is the best place to make new friends and meet up with old ones. I find myself checking out the site evrey chance I get. Mahalo and Aloha eh.

 Mary Ann Pgh - Fri Mar 24 18:00:41 2006
Hey---when all of you are bitchin about rain... I do not have any sympathy since we in the burg are dealin with snow and cold temperatures. However since i love the Joh john and the Webmaster, I hope the sun shines once agin as Waikiki is the best place on earth next to the NahokuII. Feeling good on a Friday night. Hello Scotti ad tell John John hello once again!!!!!

 Harley - Fri Mar 24 09:53:19 2006
4 weeks without sun unheard of Mario must of brought that weather down from ontario

 Webmaster - Scott - Thu Mar 23 11:41:02 2006
Ok order: 1. Yes, it's stuck again, nothing I can do about it. Use the Moana Surfrider Beachcam on the contacts/links page. 2. It's called "One Foot On Sand", by Justin Young. You can get more info at It's an awesome CD! 3. He works on Rocky's boat 2 days a week & also works on another Catamaran a few other days. Oh yeah...Dooks: Bring ya umbrella & rain jacket!! (seriously again) Been 4 weeks without sun!!

 Anonymous - Thu Mar 23 11:15:09 2006

 Dooks - Wed Mar 22 18:40:34 2006
Hey! I was wondering what the names of the song on your main page is....the one that goes "i always keep my feet on the sand" it's after israel's somewhere over the rainbow. if you could tell me that would be great! see ya in a week! i can't wait!

 Jo from Australia - Wed Mar 22 13:46:38 2006
Hi Scott! So what's Johnny doing with himself these days?

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Mar 21 04:07:54 2006
Yes, & John-John drives Wed-Sun.

 The plumbers helper - Mon Mar 20 16:26:39 2006
Does BIG WAVE only drive on monday and tuesday now??

 JFK - Sun Mar 19 12:55:01 2006
Had a great time on your boat and will be back next year!

 Courtney - Sat Mar 18 19:28:44 2006
she is doing great!! who are you?

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Mar 18 07:32:44 2006
True.....a day in Hawaii, no matter what the weather, is better than a day most anywhere else I think.

 Rex/Ohio - Sat Mar 18 00:19:59 2006
umbrella's in the bag.I agree with the previous comment. A day on the boat in the rain is much better than a day in Ohio. On my way to the airport now.Aloha

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Mar 17 06:10:12 2006
Hey Rex....bring ya umbrella brah....& a windbreaker/rain jacket! (Seriously...)

 Rex-Ohio - Fri Mar 17 00:30:59 2006
Fly out in the morning, be on the boat in the evening. Keep the ice on the beer. Aloha

 teddy - Thu Mar 16 14:46:34 2006
webmaster tell Nobuko and Shugo that i said hiand tell me what they say aloha

 teddy - Wed Mar 15 16:45:29 2006
webmaster i saw that you guys didnt go to the beach to sail when i looked on the webcam

 Webmaster - Scott - Wed Mar 15 16:40:22 2006
"Big Wave" Dave drives Monday & Tuesday...

 teddy - Tue Mar 14 05:31:34 2006
webmaster who drives when jonjon doesnt drive the boat?

 teddy - Tue Mar 14 05:20:56 2006
webmaster tell jonjon im coming back next year aloha

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Mar 13 20:14:09 2006
Teddy: He's here...check the Crew Pic Page. JJ drives Wed-Sun.

 EDDIE "HO" BENTO - Mon Mar 13 18:41:15 2006
ALOHA from Albuquerque...can't wait to be back on the NA HOKU for more MAI TAIS and WAVES...see all of you again SOON...Aloha

 teddy - Mon Mar 13 17:36:50 2006
webmaster wheres jonjon

 teddy - Sun Mar 12 09:40:31 2006
jon jon i just got home im coming back next year

 Joyce@Continental - Thu Mar 9 17:16:13 2006
Yeah!!! The webcam's fixed. Now I can sail from home.

 Guess Who?? - Wed Mar 8 15:07:47 2006
Hi Courtney....From Toronto!!!!!! How's Your Nanny??

 Anonymous - Wed Mar 8 15:06:49 2006
Hi Coutney....From Toronto!!!!!!

 Courtney - Sun Mar 5 12:00:59 2006
hey Ty remember me tiff's sister ;) hows it going?

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Mar 5 10:08:52 2006
Aloha's things in Canada eh? When you comin' back...this summer?

 Ty - Fri Mar 3 16:12:40 2006
Heyyy ALOOOOHAA, hows it goin ever'one Just doin a google site and stumbled cross the page good Job ^_^ keep it up PS this is Seans son :D

 Webmaster -Scott - Thu Mar 2 05:32:34 2006
Fear not....he will be....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

 You'll find out - Wed Mar 1 23:13:40 2006
Can't wait to take my first cruise on the Na Hoku II. Hope that Shugo is still single when I get there. Aloha

 Rex-Ohio - Wed Mar 1 14:03:05 2006
As long as Delta doesn't go on strike will make the evening cruise on March 18 for the first of a weeks worth of riding the best value on the beach. Can't wait for the waves and the cold beer.

 Tom - Wed Mar 1 08:55:32 2006
can"t wait to sail again amazing experience

 Webmaster - Scott - Tue Feb 21 05:45:20 2006
Right on Brew!! Look forward to seeing them!

 Brewster - Mon Feb 20 16:21:37 2006
Hey Scott.........Wait to you see the NaHokuII buttons I had made up!!! I have one waiting for you...............

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Feb 20 06:02:15 2006
Our boy Bill was a spammer...with the filters I've put in place, that was all he could post...hahahahaha!!

 George - Sun Feb 19 16:38:30 2006
Hey Bill, You are very happy it..............what?

 Brewster - Sun Feb 19 16:36:51 2006
Will be back on Thursday and Da Web guy is joining me a week later. The whole "March Gang" will all soon be in attendance............We will be rocking. Get on that plane and come join the fun in the sun on the best spot in the Islands................Aloha to all.................

 Jen from Mn - Mon Feb 6 09:01:50 2006
Hi All, Just got back from Oahu, already miss the beach and most of all Na Hoku II! We sat on the beach next to the boat everyday and laughed at Capt. John-John. It wan't quite the same without Johnny though. Can't wait until next year! Aloha!

 Will & Rich - Tue Jan 31 09:44:26 2006
Hi John John, The twins Will and Rich from Detroit are coming back soon on February 23 we hope to board the NaHoku II.

 The Plumber - Sun Jan 29 16:52:05 2006
Looking forward to a sunset cruise on Groundhog Day!! Go Steelers Go!!

 gambling reviews - Sat Jan 28 05:47:06 2006
Hi. Images are not loading.

 pittsburg - Fri Jan 27 12:07:12 2006
1 Mario retires and the other can barely cross the street Temp is 22 and the wind is blowing can't find the plumber anywhere I need a cruise only 3 weeks can't wait see you then!!!!!

 tiffany from LA - Wed Jan 25 05:13:53 2006
happy new year to shugo and justin kubo miss u much will be back very soon....great sail went on it every day i was in hawaii

 Bruce...hint: vaihi - Mon Jan 23 08:22:05 2006
What up Scotty!!!! Happy New year bro, I love the website and plan to take a ride with you and the crew soon. Sorry we havn't seen you guys at Tikis in awhile but i promise we'll be back again soon. please take care and know that you are not forgotten. Enjoy the music and see ya in the water!!!!!!

 Vicki and Ayame California girls - Mon Jan 23 05:24:55 2006
Missed sailing with you on my trip but will be back in May. Meanwhile, I'm looking for Dwight Kanai's CD. Or, Dwight himself. Can anyone help out?

 Mary Ann ---Pittsburgh - Sun Jan 22 14:16:26 2006
Go Steelers!!!!!!!!!! Please somebody get a message to Capt John-John from Mary Ann. Tell him the Steelers did play someone their own size and we kicked butt twice all the way to the Super Bowl. And we even have a Hawaiian on our side. What does he have to say about that??????????

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Jan 20 03:55:49 2006
The webcam at Duke's is owned by SurfingLive.Com, & they are responsible for fixing it. But, it generally takes them a while to correct it when it jams up. Go to my Contacts & Links page & use the Sheraton Moana Surfrider Beach Cam link, with that one, you can also control where it pans. Click on "Get Control" & wait for it to turn green (if you get a timer, that's how long you have to wait for control), once it does, it's yours for 3 minutes to look at whatever you want. Enjoy & AlooooooHaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

 Dale - Wed Jan 18 13:18:12 2006
I been checking everyday to see if it is fixed--- We sure enjoyed it when its working!!!! Its great to see our friends on the beach and the Nahoku II!!!!

 Laine - Wed Jan 18 09:41:21 2006
Does anyone ever fix the webcam??????????

 Jen from MN - Mon Jan 16 12:35:25 2006
I'll be arriving in Hawaii in just over a week. I can't wait to be back on the Na Hoku II! Hope for lots of SUNSHINE!

 Cathy - Wed Jan 11 03:31:15 2006
Woooohoooo! Im due to come back to Honolulu (all the way from the UK) in June... so Na Hoku II- LOOK OUT, COS HERE I COME!!!! I'll be cruisin with u everyday!!!! yyyYYYEEEAAAHHH!!!!!!! xxx

 Hayley - Tue Jan 10 14:34:45 2006
Scott did you get all the Christmas pics I sent you? If not I will try to send them again.

 Karli - Mon Jan 9 13:22:40 2006
umM i think im in love with erik. hes gorgeous.

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Jan 9 09:53:43 2006 seems to go down like that fairly often. Use the Sheraton Moana Beach cam on the links page, the resolution is better & you get to control it when it's your time.

 Wonder boy - Mon Jan 9 08:29:41 2006
Hey Webmaster is the webcam broke??? It seems to stay in one place.

 Webmaster Scott - Sun Jan 8 14:59:58 2006
Aloha Boys & Girls! New Albums from Christmas '05 are up, the Crew Pix & the Poll have been updated too. Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year) to everyone & a big Mahalo Nui for continuing to enjoy the ride gang!!! (Got Wind??) Ps: Keep emailng those trip pix!

 Greg & Tammy - Sun Jan 8 05:03:28 2006
Bruddah Scott - Aloha from South Florida. Great additions to the website. Brings back great memories of the "Island in the Sea" and rides on the Na Hoku II. See ya soon in Hawaii.

 Courtney - Fri Jan 6 11:33:35 2006
I am leaving hawaii today :( but as soon as i can i will send u all the pics i took on the boat cuz i took a bunch so u will prob have to make a whole album just with pics from my camera haha. ~*~ALOHA~*~

 Webmaster - Scott - Fri Jan 6 05:33:58 2006
Look for 2 new pix albums to be posted up this weekend....!

 Cathy - Tue Jan 3 18:05:36 2006
I just got back to NY from Hawaii and I miss it already!!! Went with my friends on NaHoku 3 times and we had so much fun! And without exaggerating I can say that I've never met a better looking or nicer guy than Shugo. He's such a gentleman and the sweetest eye candy ever! Shugo, if you see this, I'll be back in Hawaii this summer and if you're still "single & lookin'" I would love to go on a date with you! Until then...Aloha and mahalo! XOXO

 Laine - Tue Jan 3 16:01:46 2006

 Mary - Tue Jan 3 11:45:57 2006
Bring Johnny back!!

 Hayley - Mon Jan 2 13:17:32 2006
I will get you for the ice down the pants!We'll get those pix to you as soon as we can.

 Webmaster - Scott - Mon Jan 2 05:09:31 2006
Look for 2 new albums to get posted this coming weekend...(don't make me have to ice up yer behind again Hayley, cuz you know I'll do it! HAHAHAHAHA!) Also, get me those pix your mom took as soon as you can ya? Hau'oli Makahiki Hou all! I hope 2006 is an awesome year for everyone!

 Hayley - Sun Jan 1 21:28:55 2006
Lets get those John John and his speedo pictures up! I think the rest of the world needs to see the best Christmas present ever!

 Mary Ann...Pittsburgh - Sun Jan 1 13:06:58 2006
To all of my friends on the NahokuII,Fariyal,Ricky, Nabuko, Scott and especially John-John...Thanks for another great time on the boat and on our trip to paradise. Hope to see you again some day soon. Take Care! Happy New Year!!!!

 Fred - Fri Dec 30 17:59:22 2005
John-John replaced Johnny

 Laine - Fri Dec 30 17:20:27 2005
Did someone replace Johnny???

 Webmaster Scott - Fri Dec 30 09:03:02 2005
Yes, it's true. Johnny is not on the Na Hoku II anymore.

 California Girl - Thu Dec 29 16:24:47 2005
Webmaster...Is it true, Is Captain Johnny gone?

 Leroy - Thu Dec 29 16:09:50 2005
Re; Johnny...He did not get fired, He quit!!!!

 Brewster - Sun Dec 25 17:13:10 2005
Oh my god I forgot to Say Merry Christmas to My son, Captain Dave......Please forgive me son!!!! Merry Chris & Happy New Year!!!! I will make it up to you in Feb.!!!! P.S. Hi to Your Better half and the kids.............

 Brewster - Sun Dec 25 17:10:23 2005
Merry Christmas to all my island friends, Shubo, Kubo, Nabuko, Johnny, Claudio, John-John, Fariyal, Scott, Carol, Ricky...........Luv You Guys..Mahalo and have a safe and Happy New year.......See you in Feb......!!!!

 Wonder boy - Sun Dec 25 09:04:52 2005
I heard Captain Johnny has been fired!!! Is this true?

 Webmaster - Scott - Sun Dec 25 05:42:25 2005
'O ke ahe lau makani, o' ke malino, 'o ka lani mala 'ela'e...E malu ko ke ao o pau (Gentle breezes, calm seas and a clear sky...May these always be with you.) Mele Kailikimaka & Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to all!! Wish you were here, gonna' be a beautiful Christmas day...

 Rex-Ohio - Sun Dec 25 04:56:23 2005
Happy Holidays everyone, see you in March

 Webmaster - Scott - Sat Dec 24 09:43:35 2005
Aloha & Mele Kalikimaka to you too Viv, & to Danny Boy, Brad & the rest of da' Tiki's Crew...LOVE you guys!!!!

 Vivian@Tiki's - Fri Dec 23 13:49:44 2005
Just wanted to wish you all a Fabulous Holiday !!! Thanks for all the great fun this past year!!!! Can't wait till neat year.Hugs.... V

 Ryan - Tue Dec 20 08:25:00 2005
Best of the season to all the crew 41 CM's of snow in Montreal need a cruise Hey Jimmy call me when you get back!!

 Webmaster - Sat Dec 17 19:53:02 2005
Aloha!! 'Tis the season! Yes, the whales have returned again to Hawaii for Christmas! I've seen them daily the past few days & almost all day today. The sea truly loves John-John, especially in December, as everyone saw turtles, whales, dolphins & flying fish all in one sail today. Grab ya' friends & head on down to da' beach fo' a boat ride!

 Robby, Jr. Captain ;-) - Sat Dec 17 13:01:05 2005
Thanks Captain John for 3 wonderful cruises. I will always remember you. Thanks for letting me play captain & steer the catamaran.

 California Girl - Sat Dec 17 12:37:13 2005
Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year to Capt Johnny and Capt John-John!

 Courtney - Wed Dec 14 10:35:25 2005
I'm HERE in Hawaii sooo excited the boat wasn't on the beach yesterday but hopefully i will get to see it today!!! *~Aloha~*

 Cristina - Mon Dec 12 20:11:48 2005
I am currently attending UH, and spent many afternoons and evenings on the Na Hoku...and I have to say some of my best memories are on that boat! You guys have no clue how great you are!! I hope you'll be around for awhile! Thanks again!

 Courtney - Mon Dec 12 07:56:00 2005
I'm leaving tomorrow morning for HAWAII I am so excited!!!

 Mary Ann---Pgh. - Fri Dec 9 13:29:57 2005
6 inches of snow in the 'burgh today; high's in the 20's low's in the teens---I can't wait to come to Hawaii on the 22nd.

 Gord - Fri Dec 9 07:43:15 2005
Hey Scott, I have forgotten when you are arriving?

 Webmaster Scott - Thu Dec 8 14:19:02 2005
More new pix on the Pix page...take look! More to come, stay tuned. Also, when viewing the video clips, it's best to stop the clip for about 60 seconds as soon as it starts to play. That lets the file buffer up so that when you hit play again, you get a smoother viewing.

 Gord - Thu Dec 8 10:43:18 2005
The Nahoku II uses an iPod system to play programmed music for each cruise.

 Cathy - Wed Dec 7 10:20:45 2005
Hey Percey,No they didn't have a band...but they had some great tunes playin'!

 Percey - Wed Dec 7 08:50:10 2005
Hey Cathy did they have a band playing on the sunset cruise

 Cathy - Tue Dec 6 19:23:19 2005
I wish i'd found out about Na hoku II earlier in my trip! I only managed to get on twice before the end of my holiday... the sunset cruise was awesome, no better way to spend the evening! The crew where fantastic and so so so helpful, especially the delightful Shugo! Thanks to u all and if i ever make it back to Honolulu, Na Hoku II will be my first stop! Mahalo xxx

 Edy - Mon Dec 5 10:26:09 2005
Donovan that is a good question for Percey to answer as he used to work at the red lion on Lewers

 Webmaster - Sat Dec 3 10:07:08 2005
The Sheraton Moana Surfrider BeachCam is working again. I've put the link to it on the Contacts & Links page, along with lots of other great links too! Check 'em out yeah?

 Eddy - Fri Dec 2 19:23:18 2005
Happy Birthday Admiral!!!

 Lisa in FL - Wed Nov 30 14:26:54 2005
Awesome Fun! Great site too! Thanks for the good times, we can't wait to come back! This was the BEST money we spent the whole trip!

 Donovan - Fri Nov 25 13:35:43 2005
Well i was wondering how different it will look.. i was last there December of '03 and i will be there the 20th of December next month.. we used to go to Lewers St fish market often so i was kinda wondering if it was still up after all the construction thats said to be going on..

 Percy - Thu Nov 24 19:31:25 2005
Donovan don't worry about Lewers street for awhile, Construction work is carried out on Hawaian time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADMIRAL!! Aloha, Aloha!!

 Webmaster - Thu Nov 24 08:09:26 2005
They are tearing down several hotels & are redoing lots of places on the Makai end of the Lewers St. area for the massive Beachwalk Renovation project. It won't look the same the next time you see it for sure. Also...still looking for more emailed pix of anyone's Hawaii/Boat adventures for the next pic album...send 'em on over!

 Donovan - Wed Nov 23 11:56:33 2005
Hey webmaster im not sure how familiar u are with lewers street but i heard they were tearing most of it down for other hotels and stuff.. is the lewers street fish market still there?

 Donovan - Wed Nov 23 11:53:50 2005
anyone have myspace? go here

 Jo- from Brisbane, Australia - Fri Nov 18 11:56:19 2005
Had the best time ever 3 times in a day. U guys got us hooked:) Can email on Love your work guys you were sooooo awesome. Johnny your a cutie!

 Kirk - Mon Nov 14 09:34:22 2005
Great site, NICE boat, and cool pictures. I can't wait to get back to Hawaii and take a ride on the Na Hoku II.

 Webmaster - Sun Nov 13 06:32:52 2005
The Moana Beachcam is still down for most users. They have adjusted it bandwidth-wise so only 5 people at a time can get the feed, and with hundreds of thousands of people knowing about it, your chances of getting in are slim to none. I haven't been able to bring it up since this past spring. I added the link to the Waikiki Skycam on the Links/Contacts page, it takes a minute or so to load & it's a really choppy feed, even with broadband.

 Rex-Ohio - Sun Nov 13 01:08:35 2005
Courtney, for the Sheraton webcam you go to and pick which camera you want

 Courtney - Sat Nov 12 15:15:15 2005
How do u get the Sheraton Moana Surfrider Webcam I'm glad u like the surfing live one! *~Aloha~*

 Rex-Ohio - Sat Nov 12 03:55:43 2005
The music is a great addition as well as the surfing live webcam. Counting the days till March. By the way, the Sheaton Mona Surfrider webcam is back in operation.

 Donovan - Thu Nov 10 23:34:53 2005
How "lenient" would john john be to selling a 20 1/2 year old guy some brews on the boat ride? :D

 Jen - Wed Nov 9 16:07:06 2005
Hey, I'm curious...have any interesting celebs enjoyed a sail on the Na Hoku II? A couple of Waikiki trips ago I was on the blue and white catamaran with Jon Lovitz. That was pretty cool, but the Na Hoku II still has that trip beat! Less than two months until I'm back...better stock up on the ice cold coors light!

 Yamamoto - Tue Nov 8 19:07:51 2005
Looking foward to sailing on the Nahoku II with an lots of ICE COLD BEER! Aloha everyone!

 Courtney - Mon Nov 7 15:45:50 2005
Gord, Oh thats great to hear I can't wait to see all of you I am very excited! How old are your kids now 11 and 14?? I think somewhere around there... does Kryssi (if thats how its spelled) remember me from two years ago I hope so...well I will be there when you arrive 5 weeks from tomorrow i will be there!! :) *~Aloha~*

 Webmaster - Mon Nov 7 11:59:57 2005
So Gord, something "new" "on" you??.....I don't EVEN want to go there. Hey Laine...yeah the Moana-cam has been down almost all year. I think they are just letting it go now without fixing it.

 Gord - Mon Nov 7 11:16:26 2005
Thanks Scott, the kids are helping me change my appearance today after work. So look at seeing something different on me in December. 65 is great.

 Laine - Mon Nov 7 09:33:58 2005
There was also a beachcam mounted on top of the bar covering at the Moana/Surfrider, but we can't get it any more. It scanned up and down the beach.

 Webmaster - Mon Nov 7 09:07:37 2005
Aloha back 'atcha Gord, I also look forward to many beverages @ the Yacht Club with ya..(& Hau'oli La Hanau!!!..a little manu tells me you made 2x30+5 today....good onya!)

 Gord - Mon Nov 7 08:20:31 2005
Courtney, Fariyal arrives on Dec 6 for the marathon and I arrive with Erik and Kryss on the 18th. Scott, looking forward to seeing you again and for drinks at the WYC.

 Webmaster - Mon Nov 7 02:51:49 2005
I've known for years that it was the SurfingLive Waikiki Beachcam mounted there @ Duke's.

 Donovan - Sun Nov 6 20:25:18 2005
Counting down the days til i go... ill be there December 20th-Janurary 6th you guys on the boat will see me on my Coleman Inflatable raft paddlin away to dive past the surfers :D

 Donovan - Sun Nov 6 20:22:54 2005
That webcam has been around for years, my sister just gave u guys the link, but have u guys on the boat always wondered what the link to that camera was on the corner ceiling of dukes or did u think it was a security camera?

 Courtney - Sun Nov 6 20:15:52 2005
I dunno what's your email I will send you a picture of me. If you have one email it to: *~Aloha~*

 Laine - Sun Nov 6 19:14:36 2005
Hey Brewster ~ We'll be keeping track of you on the webcam ~ be careful!!!!!!!!!

 Brewster - Sun Nov 6 15:40:29 2005
Hey Courtney do we know each other? We will be there in 5 weeks too?

 Courtney - Sun Nov 6 08:28:03 2005
Wow all of them just disappeared that's too bad... I can't wait to get there!! only 5 weeks and one day! *~Aloha~*

 Webmaster - Sun Nov 6 05:30:34 2005
***Aloha All! Apologies for the problems of the past 24 hours, not sure exactly what happened, but in the course of it, we lost the last 30 days worth or so of guestbook entries...sorry!!!!***

 Webmaster - Sun Oct 9 13:34:45 2005
Mahalo plenty for the great comments...I really appreciate them...makes it all worthwhile!! Keep emailing me those pix!! Aloha & Enjoy!

 Marty Q - Sun Oct 9 05:45:22 2005
Web site looks great! Can't wait for the real thing. See ya in February!!!

 Rex-Ohio - Sun Oct 9 01:46:16 2005
Thanks for the new pictures. Makes the wait till I come back in March easier.

 The Brewster - Sat Oct 8 17:07:35 2005
Great job by the webmaster on the new pictures. Hope all of you enjoy them. Lots bring back great memories to those that have visited many times.......ALOHA

 Jack & Linda - Sat Oct 8 14:15:43 2005
Great fun, excellent ride! We went out 4 times while we were there and had THE best time! We really like that you have this website so we can relive the fun when the weather turns lousy back here in Wisconsin. Hope to be back in '06! Aloha!

 Michael & Anavel & Laura - Tue Oct 4 13:11:24 2005
Had a great time on the boat. Great wind and waves !! Please send warm weather to Idaho.

 Lissa, Melbourne AUS - Wed Sep 28 21:16:13 2005
Awesome Ride!!! Rocking good time, wish we had something like that down here! Cheers!

 Don Ho - Mon Sep 19 10:43:39 2005
Now that there are no more entertaining threads from this ADMIRAL character I actually miss them as annoying as they were. Hope all is well with Capt Dave and the crew, ALOHA and see you soon.

 holoholo girl - Fri Sep 16 10:17:21 2005
Are John-John and Johnnie finally getting a rest from the sea, with the HUGE wave action ??

 Dina & Jeff in AZ - Thu Sep 15 08:16:15 2005
Wow!!! What a great time that was. We just LOVED sailing on that boat! Captain Johnny's a real cutie & we sailed with Captain John-John (sp?) once too, he's too much! What a cool website, we can't wait to come back!!!

 Webmaster - Tue Sep 13 14:17:02 2005
***Be sure to check out the Store Page....Awesome New Na Hoku II Hats & Visors now arriving! Get yours on your next sail!!***

 Mike - Thu Sep 8 10:04:08 2005
Took the sunset cruise on 9/1/05. Lots of fun & the best value in town. You guys are the best!

 Lindsey - Sun Sep 4 13:24:17 2005
I love the Na Hoku II website and love going on the boat. Always a good time. Captain Johnny which one is he? the last time I went there was another Johnny, he is in the album 6 with a blonde girl. Is he the newly certified Captain? Just curious...great job on the website, keep it up.

 Mike Hope - Fri Sep 2 07:48:26 2005
Eh, John-John. Awesome website! Might send some folks your way when they come over. Always the best boat and crew on the beach. A hui hou, Aikane! Mike (from da mainland, used to live in da Ala Wai. You know da guy)

 Gord - Thu Sep 1 12:33:13 2005
Leaving the islands after living here over two months. Will miss seeing the crew on mostly a daily basis. Got the first new cap and the new visor right out of the box for the Na Hoku II. Both look great. You got to get one!

 Kyle - X Webmaster - Thu Aug 25 09:54:16 2005
Wow 977 unique visitors to the website this month. The number has doubled from ~500 to ~1000 in June and kept right up there.

 New York Traveller - Wed Aug 24 12:54:43 2005
I come here each summer and love the ride. Say that young boy from Canada who works each summer has really grown. And he plays the guitar too!

 Jen - Mon Aug 22 08:17:36 2005
Love the updated Crew pictures! Great pic of Capt. John-John!

 Dave,Zuly,Tanya and Katrina - Sun Aug 21 10:25:24 2005
We loved the ride ,the view ,the crew ,the was an unforgetable experience. Our 10 year old daughter-Katrina-love to face the surf and wind... Great job !!!

 Steph In N.Y. - Sat Aug 20 06:29:50 2005
LOVE the site!!! About time is was updated (lol!!) It looks super!! I just love riding the Na Hoku & do it every chance I can when I'm in Hawaii...FUN TIMES! Hey Webmaster & Carol...I remember seeing you guys on the boat! YAY! Back in December, can't wait!!!! Save some wind for me!

 Mark & Tina - Thu Aug 18 06:01:11 2005
Just wanted to say "AWESOME." We were out the first week of May this year for our honeymoon and went on every day. Great times and great crew.

 Art - Wed Aug 17 11:25:17 2005
My wife and I have been taking rides on the boat for a lot of years and really enjoy the break in the day aboard the Na Hoku. Looking forward to it again this Sept. Tks.

 Webmaster - Tue Aug 16 11:51:19 2005 the middle of making some updates/additions...I may have inadvertantly deleted a guestbook entry or bad...

 Webmaster - Tue Aug 16 10:48:08 2005
Hey Courtney, Sorry, but I had to pull down the pix. It throws off the html format of the guestbook. If you have pix you want on the site, feel free to email them to me...k? Mahalo!

 Courtney - Mon Aug 15 12:00:56 2005
Thank goodness i love to walk through there it is the best place besides on the Nahoku II haha well thanx I think i might have seen you before have u been on the boat in december of '97 '98 '01 '03?? that is when i have been there. i am 16 i have been riding with John-John since i was 8.

 Webmaster - Mon Aug 15 11:13:19 2005
Hey Courtney, The whole plan to demolish the Int'l Marketplace & turn it into another boring, crappy shopping center has been put on indefinite hold due to $$$ issues...I for one hope it stays the way it is for a VERY long time!

 Courtney - Mon Aug 15 10:50:35 2005
That's awesome! Also the only times I have ever been to Hawaii is at Christmas time it is the best thing ever also i look forward to riding the boat everyday, like i always do. One more thing I heard they were gonna tear down the International it still there does anyone know?

 Webmaster - Sun Aug 14 07:14:01 2005
Aloha'll notice I'm trying a couple 'a new things....we now have a chat room & a poll. This is all still a work in progress, & due to the time differences around the world of fans of the boat, I have no idea how it'll work, but's something new, right? The poll is just a fun thing I figured I'd throw in. Send in any ideas you have for poll questions & I'll post up the best ones. We'll play it out & see what happens, ya? Ride On!!

 holo --holo girl - Fri Aug 12 12:06:25 2005
Just recently arrived back in Hawaii for GOOD ! John-John was captain that day, and what an excellent day it was, with nice strong winds on the outside , making it all the more of a fabulous day at SEA !! And we went WAY out !!!! see you again soon when I have FREE time !!!

 Webmaster - Wed Aug 10 07:20:01 2005
Hey Mary-Ann, You're gonna love it during the holidays! The weather is spectacular...everyone's all Xmas'd's truly wonderful. Can't wait to see ya! Album # 6 under pictures is all Xmas can see Xmas spirit is everywhere!

 Mary Ann--Pgh - Tue Aug 9 13:56:52 2005
I am coming back down to Hawaii for Christmas and am curious to hear what it is like during the Holidays from anyone who has spent Christmas there? Any good boat parties? What's it like waking up on a tropical island rather than the cold snow and all the fuss??

 Courtney - Mon Aug 8 12:37:13 2005
When did John-John get back and is he staying for good this time?? :)

 Raine from Maine - Sat Aug 6 08:45:21 2005
I remember all the good times on the boat. I really love the up to date pictures, and warm thoughts.

 Laine - Sat Aug 6 08:07:23 2005
Riding the Nahoku is always a fun adventure - one everyone at the beach should take at least once. I warn you, it is once will probably not do!!!!!!!!

 Webmaster - Sat Aug 6 05:07:47 2005
Welcome to the Na Hoku II website. I want to remind everybody that this guestbook is provided for everyone to share their experiences & good times they had in Hawaii & on da' Big Yellow Boat, & not to target anyone for gossip or negativity. To that end, keep all postings in regular case (no "shouting" with all uppercase posts, that's just rude), and the guestbook will be edited as needed to keep us on positive waves.

Lastly, I'd really like people to email me (see contacts page) pix of their trip/s here and any boat/beach/Hawaii-related shots they'd like to see up on the site. Like I've always said, this is your site....let's have some fun with it!

So gang, Welcome Aboard and always remember: Keep a good grip on those cups & cans, The more you drink, the more you're gonna see, Only the women & children get saved (guys, you're on your own so drink up cuz' beer floats!), There are NO oxygen masks onboard, & last, but never least...John-John is driving the boat today....God help us all!!! (Got Wind?)

Kick back, relax & enjoy the ride, the boat is yours....AloooooooooooooooooooooHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

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