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 Summer - Fall 2009 
From: Fleyk  Sun May 20 14:48:55 2012
Your story was rellay informative, thanks!


From: Darrence  Fri Apr 29 00:10:39 2011
At last, someone comes up with the "right" ansewr!

From: Martinka  Wed Oct 15 04:42:14 2014
Absolutely first rate and comrop-botteped, gentlemen!


Not quite sure what he's doing to himself back there...looks like it hurts.  
From: Verle  Fri Sep 2 17:11:46 2011
Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-excatly as information should be!

From: Karol  Wed Oct 15 05:30:33 2014
That's a brilliant answer to an initersteng question


Tina & Mark....very good friends o' mine  
From: Trudy  Fri Jan 20 21:46:50 2012
If your articles are always this hlefpul, "I'll be back."


Mark & Me  
From: Jimmy  Fri Apr 29 03:00:32 2011
Got it! Taknhs a lot again for helping me out!


The next 9 pix are from "Erik's Day".  John took the boat out post-drydock and right before they went back to work to thank Erik for his monster efforts.  
From: Marni  Sat Sep 3 09:03:38 2011
You cuodln't pay me to ignore these posts!


Krys & Bear  
From: Marilu  Thu Apr 28 23:50:18 2011
I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dilspay!


Water rats  
From: Matheus  Sun May 20 19:58:05 2012
I was really conufsed, and this answered all my questions.


Too pooped to play....  
From: Jetson  Fri Jan 20 12:06:46 2012
I see, I spuopse that would have to be the case.


From: alartoorp  Sun Jul 3 20:39:36 2011
Machine Movers


From: Darrance  Sat Sep 3 17:14:44 2011
I cannot tell a lie, that really hleepd.


Allison & Shugo get married!  7/18, up in Hau'ula, North Shore.  It was wonderful!  
From: Carajean  Sun May 20 15:09:08 2012
Home run! Great slugging with that aneswr!


Dustin went as...well..Disturbed.  
From: Alice  Sun May 20 15:07:26 2012
The paragon of understanding these iusses is right here!


The girls! (Some look a hell of a lot better than others!)  
From: Koni !  Sun Sep 12 15:21:14 2010
You Said it Bra !
Who that Sweet one in the Pink Top ?


Henry doin' his thing...Duke's on Sunday.  
From: Stafon  Sat Sep 3 07:36:13 2011
I bow down humbly in the preesnce of such greatness.


Carol and John from Cali  
From: Ladainian  Thu Apr 28 01:47:35 2011
Glad I've finally found soemhitng I agree with!


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