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 Winter/Spring 2009 
Another great afternoon.  
From: Lesa  Fri Jan 20 12:00:44 2012
Deep thinking - adds a new dienmsoin to it all.


Father & Son....sailors both!  
From: Gloriane  Sat Sep 3 04:26:12 2011
Full of slaniet points. Don't stop believing or writing!


Shugo being very serious  
From: Sal in Vegas  Fri May 8 19:27:43 2009
Shugo hard at work.

From: Kindsey  Fri Sep 2 23:25:48 2011
A wnoedrful job. Super helpful information.


Dutin & Vanessa  
From: Sal in Vegas  Fri May 8 19:28:50 2009
Looks like another tough day at the "office."


Party Crowd  
From: Sal in Vegas  Fri May 8 19:29:51 2009
Lucky Bastards


Fried Chicken & Mardi Gras...yay!!!  
From: Champ  Fri Jan 20 05:37:02 2012
That's what we've all been watinig for! Great posting!


If you ever see any one of these four guys...RUN!!!  
From: NBC  Mon May 17 18:27:00 2010
Is that the real one armed bandit and the three detectives?


Hmmm...wonder what Rex be lookin' at down 'dere...?  
From: Crissy  Thu Jan 19 23:49:06 2012
I don't know who you wrote this for but you hepeld a brother out.

From: Reggie Woolridge   Wed Jun 27 22:44:43 2012
Excellent post. I learned a lot reading it. Thanks.


From: Kaylynn  Wed Oct 15 01:35:49 2014
This is the peefcrt post for me to find at this time


Aha....'dat must be it.  
From: Bushman  Sun Jan 30 19:21:09 2011
Da I thought I saw a puddy cat!!

From: Earnhardt  Wed Apr 27 19:47:53 2011
TYVM you've solved all my porblmes


They let them out for the day...ONLY the day.  Their handlers take them back to their cells, I mean room at night.  
From: Sal in Vegas  Sun May 3 09:24:26 2009
What a pretty bow on Da Brewster!


From: Jennifer  Sun May 20 13:20:49 2012
That's a creative ansewr to a difficult question


From: Ellen  Thu Apr 28 01:14:30 2011
TYVM you've svoled all my problems


The Ambiguously Gay Duo  
From: Dora  Thu Apr 28 16:49:07 2011
Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Tahkns!


Bear gettin' some sugar...  
From: Montreal Dre  Tue Jul 21 10:47:11 2009
That dude is awesome! and so is the Kaptain!

From: Erika  Sun May 20 10:30:35 2012
I just hope whoever writes these keeps wriitng more!

From: Karcy  Wed Oct 15 01:50:26 2014
Thanks for spending time on the computer (wirgint) so others don't have to.


The Illinois Cop Crowd  
From: Gloriana  Sat Sep 3 08:59:07 2011
Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days strugginlg

From: Kaylie  Wed Oct 15 02:32:17 2014
Your post has moved the debate fodrwra. Thanks for sharing!


Schmitty & friends!!  
From: Lottie  Thu Apr 28 11:44:53 2011
Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say thanks for he asnewr.

From: Tom  Wed Dec 16 20:43:10 2015
Wow! That's a really neat anwers!


From: Motel 6  Mon May 17 18:28:38 2010
We leave the light on!

From: Subash  Tue Oct 14 03:40:11 2014
Son of a gun, this is so hepulfl!


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