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 End of Summer Pix '06 Part II 
Liz & Adrianna (De-Lish!!!)  
From: Princess from AZ  Sun Aug 27 14:47:08 2006
Sweet baby jesus! Them is some fine women! Shake n Bake!

From: Bub  Tue Oct 19 17:27:56 2010


Kai & Fariyal  
From: Kai  Sun Jan 28 23:54:47 2007
love u feriyal


Kai & a pretty young gal...  
From: "Pretty young Girl"  Fri Sep 19 19:35:51 2008
Aloha Kai!,Really miss that BIG,... !BEAUTIFUL,...Smile of yours sweety


From: Mia  Tue Oct 14 22:33:12 2014
Yo, good lokoin out! Gonna make it work now.


From: Lih  Fri Sep 6 07:34:36 2013
Mega Bloks are great for sparking liltte imaginations being all colorful & bright. Our grandaughter loves to build liltte houses for her teeny, tiny dolls & could spend half the day arranging & rearranging the mega bloks to suit her style.

From: Julio  Wed Dec 16 21:51:03 2015
Kudos to you! I hadn't thuhogt of that!


From: Pawel  Fri Sep 6 19:50:52 2013
Not yet, my 5 year old just started Kindergarten & they don't allow them to start any extra-curricular actveitiis until 1st grade. Can't wait though!


Erik, Kryssy, Fariyal & JJ  
From: Courtney  Wed Aug 30 08:11:59 2006
Awww i miss all of you!!


Life is good, ya?  
From: Rustam  Wed Aug 1 19:05:00 2012
I get a fairly decnet number of legitimate-but-random commenters, who will definitely disappear when this change is implemented. I'm sure something needs to be done about the huge volume of worthless commenters, but I wonder if there is some alternative (word verification, etc.) to Typepad.

From: Flora  Wed Jan 27 16:27:40 2016
Awesome you should think of sohitmeng like that


From: twentyfivecenter  Tue Aug 29 09:19:55 2006
liven life to the fullest, have fun see ya soon--25cent

From: Hanna  Tue Sep 26 09:13:28 2006
And this happens when I'm gone?!?!? Not fair...haha

From: alartoorp  Sun Jul 3 13:39:30 2011
Machine Movers


From: Ireneo  Thu Dec 24 14:16:54 2015
This is what we need - an insight to make evynoere think


The ISES Gang, Pau Hana!  
From: Les Crego  Wed Sep 6 04:43:23 2006
Bill, we thought you were working!!


Very hard to...  
From: dudeski66  Sat Mar 15 14:26:46 2008
damn just looks ripe enough to eat lol

From: Hester  Sat Oct 8 03:01:01 2016
I'm not easily imrsesped but you've done it with that posting.


Bruddah Mike On Da' Wheel  
From: Brendan... a guy who is fond of lemurs  Sun Sep 3 19:20:40 2006
Mikey.. way to go. Nutt'n like driving a boat full of beautiful women and their admirers to help one feel on top of things.


Shugo & Mike  
From: Dee_Lo  Thu Sep 14 05:34:56 2006
To Shugo...The Finest man on the island....

From: Hanna  Tue Sep 26 09:14:36 2006
He IS the finest man on the island :)


The Lovely Westjet Flight Crew!  
From: Kai  Sun Jan 28 23:58:45 2007
i want these chicks!


The Loosemore family, wit' Landon on da' wheel!  
From: alartoorp  Sun Jul 3 13:39:31 2011
Machine Movers


Nobuko coolin' off on a hot day!  
From: Hanna   Tue Sep 26 09:15:17 2006
Nobu, ur the coolest! Miss u and hope I'll see u soon

From: Crissy  Fri Jan 20 10:38:58 2012
You have more useful info than the Briitsh had colonies pre-WWII.


..Getting their Fabulous Feminine Freak On!!  
From: unknown  Sun Sep 24 10:05:46 2006


From: Hanna  Tue Sep 26 09:16:12 2006
Damn my man is fine!!!

From: Rita  Wed Dec 16 20:55:19 2015
You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arstclei.


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