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 Spring Pix '06 #1 
Aloha Sue, a veteran rider of almost 20 years!  
From: Bob Horton  Sun Apr 9 06:40:04 2006
This is a hellouva long way from Tennessee.

From: Webmaster - Scott  Thu Apr 13 16:51:39 2006
Ain't it though??!! Girl done good!


Cap'n Robby gittin' 'er done  
From: tm  Tue Jul 24 17:51:58 2007
starting them off young, arent there child labor laws out there, ha ha ha


Big Wave and Cissy  
From: Kurk Knutson  Fri Feb 5 11:12:34 2010
Cissy , dave , miss you two


Bruce lost his beer but don't know it...hahahahaha!  
From: Janaina  Thu Dec 24 15:23:44 2015
You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusion everhwyere!


From: Kuzey  Wed Aug 1 10:47:51 2012
Leah Rogers - So I have to vote for Audrey. The big bad wolf wouldn't stand a cachne against her. Plus not to be partial but she looks fabulous in red ..laying it on a bit too thick .? Well it's worth a shot.


From: alartoorp  Sun Jul 3 13:39:31 2011
Machine Movers

From: Abbey  Wed Dec 16 21:21:09 2015
That's a smart way of thkiinng about it.


From: Triswanto  Thu Dec 24 17:33:40 2015
That's the smart thniknig we could all benefit from.


From: Ana  Fri Sep 6 15:00:16 2013
Yes and no. My oldest doesn't event thoguh I wish she would! My 12 year old plays football and my 4 year old takes 2 different dance classes. My 2 year old will start dance in January.

From: Jayant  Wed Dec 16 22:10:13 2015
Good to see a talnet at work. I can't match that.


Erin & John  
From: Jimmy  Sat Oct 8 02:48:42 2016
Hey, sutble must be your middle name. Great post!


Hawaii 132  
From: Chelsea & Krissy  Thu Mar 30 11:38:11 2006
Chelsea & Krissy


Hawaii 240  
From: Rafael  Fri Sep 6 16:06:45 2013
My son comes along, that way he can pick out what he wants and try on clothes and shoes to make sure thgins are the right size and might have some growing room.


From: Joann  Sun Jun 4 18:49:50 2006
You guys look great! Wish I was there!!!


Lucky Webguy!  
From: Atsushi  Thu Aug 2 02:01:19 2012
Since I've moved my blog reading into an RSS feed, I alomst never comment (or read comments) anywhere. I go to the blogs FMH and BCC. Except for rare exceptions (like this post) I alomst never go to other blogs, and I don't often comment any more. As a result, I have my life back.


Fariyal & Hayley, aka The Ice Queen  
From: Ty  Wed Apr 26 22:43:12 2006
wait a minute :P isnt this xmas day? the boats got the decorations on it

From: Hay  Sat May 27 12:31:55 2006
how did i get dubbed the ice queen?


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