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 Emailed Fan Pix '05 
Stacey's boat wedding 2  
From: Zhuzya  Thu Aug 2 01:40:36 2012
I read way more then I comment. Usually I am ehetir tired of the topic or have nothing to add. The other reason I may not comment is that often a TBM opinion is simply not welcome on many blogs.Ardis I read your blog all the time. Its been a source of many a YM lesson tidbit.


Armeen & Daryl  
From: Francis  Wed Aug 1 18:07:56 2012
I love this plugin. Thank you.Since my svreer upgraded to php5 it's been producing a curious error:Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context in /home/imperial/public_html/sunshine/wp-content/plugins/rc-custom-comment-text.php on line 113Bummin'

From: Joh  Sun Sep 27 17:27:27 2015
Artlcies like this make life so much simpler.


Deb Checking for Ripeness  
From: Gordon, Fariyal's Husband  Fri Aug 17 22:18:50 2012
Even back then, that rear was drawing all the young guys attention to Fariyal. Dental floss for sure.


From: Kindsey  Fri Jan 20 00:43:05 2012
So true. Honesty and eevrything recognized.


From: Nancy & Paul  Thu May 11 07:17:47 2006
Wedding day Dec 31,2001
Nancy & Paul

From: C  Mon Jan 29 19:19:10 2007
May Papa Rest in peace. Christmas at the beach id not the same...


From: Gordon, Fariyal's Husband  Fri Aug 17 22:15:12 2012
One of our happier times as Fariyal was to walk out of our marriage four years later for younger men.


From: Honney  Fri Jan 20 14:00:36 2012
This could not psoibsly have been more helpful!


From: Luan  Thu Aug 2 02:12:44 2012
I've got about 60 Mormon blogs feeding into my Google Reader. That also means that 75% of the posts get extacly 3 seconds of my time. That's the time it takes to absorb the title, blog, author, and first two lines of text, which typically convey the entire gist of the post.


From: Indianapolis  Fri May 30 13:48:45 2008
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From: Wichita  Sun Jun 1 08:27:41 2008
Science is nothing but developed perception, interpreted intent, common sense rounded out and minutely articulated.,

From: alartoorp  Sun Jul 3 13:39:30 2011
Machine Movers


From: Kurk Knutson  Fri Feb 5 10:57:27 2010
Scott you one lucky guy


From: Lucian  Sun Sep 27 17:07:23 2015
You've imssreped us all with that posting!


From: Philinda  Fri Jan 20 05:05:42 2012
This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for wriitng!


Jenn & Duane  
From: Janay  Fri Jan 20 03:02:35 2012
Thanks for introducing a little ritaonailty into this debate.


Kai, Greg & Danny  
From: Akin  Thu Aug 2 01:44:49 2012
I follow A LOT of blogs, LDS ones and uaenlrted ones, but I use Google Reader as my RSS reader, and it makes it pretty fast to go through and just read the specific posts that grab me. I only go to the actual blog to comment or if the topic is one where I want to see what commenters had to say.


Mike & Fariyal  
From: Jose  Sun Oct 14 10:55:52 2012
I went to tons of links before this, what was I thniikng?


From: Jonnie  Fri Jan 20 05:58:32 2012
What libreatnig knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

From: Moises  Sun Sep 27 17:11:31 2015
Call me wind because I am ablesutoly blown away.


From: Tiffany  Wed Dec 6 23:33:37 2006
hey theres me and courtney back in the day cant wait to see you guys next year!!

From: Deepika  Wed Aug 1 21:35:00 2012
Everyone should see this show. It is amzaing! My friend and I laughed from start to finish. That's not to say we didn't learn a lot and understand more about mental illness. Ruby and Judith get away with being very deep and not shocking or upsetting with their amzaing humour. Helen


Scott & Greg @ Tiki's  
From: Greg Cook  Sun Jan 8 08:26:19 2006
Friendship is everlasting.....


Tammy & Greg North Shore  
From: Greg Cook  Sun Jan 8 08:28:07 2006
Thanks to Crewmember Scott - We got to experience places in Hawaii like this. Forever thankful.!!


From: Jen  Wed Dec 7 05:51:28 2005
Stef and Jen March 2005

From: Anant  Thu Aug 2 09:07:40 2012
Thanks for pointing it out, I did not pay atenttion first, after giving a thought I have checked my comments and found someone actually tried to hijack my comments, which I have informed to the blog owner.


100 0407  
From: Dany  Fri Jan 20 14:32:41 2012
Hats off to whoever wrote this up and ptosed it.


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