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 Waikiki Summer '08, Part 1 
Betty Boobs, I mean Boop, and the Boyz  
From: Buck  Sat Oct 8 08:54:39 2016
Clear, inaitmfrove, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?


With his daughter  
From: Mackie(the girl in the picure)  Tue Aug 5 22:07:56 2008
this was sooo much fun!!! i hope we can do it agian next year... thnak you!!!!!


More Family & Friends  
From: mackie  Tue Aug 5 22:08:45 2008
we had lots of fun cant wait to do it agian over thanksgiving week!!!!!!!!!


Fariyal with Hunter!  
From: hunter  Tue Aug 5 22:09:39 2008
this is my favorite part of hawaii. i go every time. this was my favorite on 4th of july. see you at thanksgiving


Kryssy's 13th B'day....it was a Cupcake Cake!  (And it was delicious!!)  
From: Courtney  Tue Jul 22 07:23:59 2008
Awwww! Kryssy's birthday..cute hmm cupcake cake?

From: Clare  Tue Aug 5 13:18:34 2008
Happy belated birthday cupcake!!!

From: Jalen  Fri Jan 20 08:03:20 2012
Slam dunkin like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote informative atircles.


From: Edmilson  Sun May 20 21:20:52 2012
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From: Teige  Sat Oct 8 08:36:35 2016
It's like you're on a missoin to save me time and money!


Jason on the wheel...  
From: Liberty  Fri Jan 20 23:25:41 2012
Kudos to you! I hadn't tohguht of that!


While Dustin is hard at work again with Jason's Mom (L) and Jen  
From: koa  Thu Jul 24 03:51:55 2008
way to go Dstin !


Me & Anyo....  
From: Krzysiek  Thu Dec 17 02:40:52 2015
An answer from an expert! Thanks for cogubirttinn.


A couple'a fine Irish Lasses, out for a wee bit'o sailin'...  
From: the girl in the picture!!  Sun Aug 31 22:17:03 2008
come on the irish!!!white as white n got a can in the hand!!!

From: Zaiya  Fri Jan 20 22:24:51 2012
Great post with lots of ipmrotant stuff.


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