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 A New Beginning 
One very VERY happy Captain John...  
From: James  Thu Aug 2 02:56:22 2012
/ I would probably go with M&M's, plain, that way I would get more for the crioale count!! LOLYou are so funny, and I am proud to call you my pastor. You do a wonderful job for us every week!(I've heard that flatterly will get you anywhere!) Let's see if it gets me some candy!!! LOL


From: Cammie  Sat Sep 3 08:16:20 2011
There is a crticial shortage of informative articles like this.


From: Yuuichirou  Wed Aug 1 14:47:18 2012
In what way? Not really. I mean Brad Pitt is Billy Beane, and Jonah Hill is Peter Brand (a paordy of Paul DePodesta, who refused to lend his name to the movie), and the scouts are actual MLB scouts. They've got a guy to play Art Howe, and then the key baseball players are represented.


From: Goefrey  Wed Aug 1 14:50:32 2012
Either way, you should see the movie. I toguhht it was going to be this Hollywood crap, but I was surprised how accurate it was based on the book. Of course the movie is not the whole story, but when do you ever get the full story from the movie? It's always about the book.


From: Estella  Wed Apr 27 20:27:22 2011
Thanks alot - your answer solved all my problems after several days struglging

From: Rosemery  Thu Sep 5 10:57:36 2013
I am not strict when it comes to my kids grdeas, because I only ask them to do their best. I am however very strict with their behavior at school and if they are disrespectful or rude at school, it will be an unhappy time at home.


From: Mahesh  Sun May 20 08:37:30 2012
Hey, kilelr job on that one you guys!


From: Mahalia  Thu Apr 28 19:21:15 2011
That's the best aswner of all time! JMHO


From: Maverick  Fri Jan 20 09:18:20 2012
Knocked my socks off with knwoeldge!


From: Matee  Fri Sep 2 10:26:35 2011
Dag nbiabt good stuff you whippersnappers!


From: Kamren  Fri Sep 2 09:12:55 2011
I was rlaely confused, and this answered all my questions.


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